Consider what the corporate world has found to be true about purpose:

  • People who embrace purpose are 51 percent more likely to develop strong relationships.
  • People who value purpose are 54 percent more likely to report high levels of well-being.
  • Teams that work with purpose are more effective than those without it.
  • People who value purpose are twice as likely to become leaders.
  • More than any other variable, purpose motivates people to improve.

The corporate world understands the need for a common mission. It understands how unity improves culture and increases reach.

Now read the statistics again, in the context of your God-given purpose. Imagine how different the world might look if we understood God’s purpose and allowed it to direct our steps.

Perhaps the corporate world understands something about mission statements and purpose that we’re somehow missing.


For many of us, finding God’s purpose for our lives feels impossible. It often feels like a cosmic secret that only the most faithful ever uncover.

But that isn’t God’s intention.

“But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth.”

John 16:13

God created you for a purpose that the world needs you to accomplish, and He wants you to know it above all else. It’s a two-pronged assignment that combines both a common mission and a unique one.

Your common mission, like mine, is to bring heaven to earth. You are to reveal the Father and unify people, just like Jesus did during His time on earth.

Your unique mission is one that only you can do, because though it may require you to do the same kind of work as someone else, you’ll engage a community of people that only you can impact. Because your circle of influence differs from mine, your unique mission does, too.


We must begin by understanding that God speaks to us in varied and creative ways, and when we understand those methods, we’re better able to recognize His “still small voice.”

  • God speaks to us through Scripture, when a well-timed verse addresses an exact need in our lives.
  • God speaks through other people who share encouraging or challenging words.
  • God speaks to us directly, through thoughts and dreams that appear as whispers in our minds.

Very often, the only thing standing in the way of discovering God’s purposes is time. Until we devote time to think, pray, read Scripture, and listen for God’s direction, we will likely struggle to understand His purpose.

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” 

Psalm 119:105

The men of Junto Tribe are working to identify God’s purpose for our lives, and we’re doing it as small groups of men who can encourage, challenge, and support each other along the journey.

We’re learning that when we understand God’s mission, we’ll recognize the things that matter to God, and we’ll learn to say no to the things that don’t. Our priorities will reflect His purposes, and we’ll enjoy the benefits that come from embracing our mission.

Ask God to help you identify your mission statement. Ask Him to help you remember the various things He has shown you about your identity and purpose over your life, and to speak in a fresh way to you about them now.

  1. Write down any Bible verses that speak to you and your calling, and words that other people offer about your purpose and potential.
  2. Record those dreams you once had about your life and what you might accomplish and pay close attention to the ones that align with other information you’ve written down. If you’ve lost track of your dreams over time, ask God to reveal them to you.

Understanding your purpose will be an ongoing exercise over the course of your life. As you walk with the Lord, you’ll likely discover new clarity and detail.

Consider the end of a man’s life, and whether he’ll wish he had waited longer to uncover God’s purposes.

What small step of discovery will you take today?

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