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The Mighty Oaks Warrior journey begins with intensive peer based programs that utilize instructional sessions, camaraderie, and team building activities that are designed to challenge our Warriors to overcome their past experiences and move forward into a life of purpose. Our programs take place all across America on Military Bases, at our Outposts, and on rural ranch lodges. Each facility allows the Warriors to appreciate the peace of nature, and have an “un-plugged” experience while they focus on the challenges they face in completing the program. View our program descriptions below, or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information by clicking here.

Our Lodges

The lodges where our Warriors stay are first-class, handicap-accessible facilities. The delicious meals served during each program will satisfy the hungriest Warrior! Along with the programs’ daily peer-based sessions come exciting opportunities to engage in a variety of recreational activities all designed to engage in the brotherhood aspect of the programs. The lodge’s amenities include washer & dryers, linens, toiletries, internet, and landline phone service.

Current Locations:

SkyRose Ranch – Paso Robles, California
Blaylock Ranch – Junction, Texas
Bull Run Warrior Retreat Center – Haymarket, Virginia
The Wilds – Columbus, Ohio

Legacy Program For Men

Our five-day intensive peer-to-peer program serves as the catalyst to help Warriors discover the answers to the big questions in life. Challenges related to the struggles of daily military life, combat deployments and the symptoms of post-traumatic stress (PTS) surface during these five days. The Legacy Program for Men teaches how to identify and fight through these challenges, which might have been limiting their personal success. The Legacy Program for men is a non-clinical, confidential, open environment that fosters camaraderie and fellowship. Utilizing peer leadership, participants find common ground through shared experiences and understanding allowing a greater potential for growth and recovery within the men. By discovering the truth about discipline, brotherhood, legacy, courage, honor, faith and family, men develop authentic character and learn to live a life of leadership. We equip our Warriors to fight through life’s challenges and discover the very purpose for their lives moving forward.

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Legacy Program For Women

The Legacy Program for Women is our program designed specifically for women to discover the process of becoming a person living according to the Creator’s design. Similar to the Legacy Program for Men, the Legacy Program for Women identifies and confronts the daily struggles of those dealing with current or post military life, as well as post-traumatic stress (PTS) that stems from life, job, or military experiences. The four-day Legacy Program for Women leads spouses, active-duty military service members, veterans, and first-responders through a time of learning, exploration, and growth with an aim to cultivate spiritual strength of character in a safe, open, nurturing environment. The goal is to give women a Biblical blueprint of womanhood in an effort to target the key areas of life – identity, home life, faith, marriage, mothering – in order to bring about challenge so that growth can take place.

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Military Resiliency Programs

The United States Military is the most equipped fighting force in the world in terms of manpower and equipment. These brave men and women have provided a blanket of freedom for America and other nations of the world where we answered the call to fight for those who could not protect themselves. However, at times, that freedom comes at a cost resulting in combat stress or Post Traumatic Stress, Veteran suicides, and the divorce of our military families. We believe that resiliency is comprised of three pillars: mind, body and spirit. If properly equipped on the front end of conflict, our Warriors and families can have a true “Spiritual Resiliency” and a mindset that is preventative of the hardships we have seen far too many of our Warriors face.

To take an offensive role in the war against PTS, Veteran suicide & divorce, Mighty Oaks conducts training and conferences to the US Military for the following areas:

Pre-Deployment Briefings for Warriors and Families
Combat Resiliency Training Conferences
Post Combat Reintegration Conferences
Suicide Prevention Conferences
Marriage Conferences

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International Resiliency Programs

In 2016 Mighty Oaks resiliency and legacy programs caught the attention of the international community and military services from around the world who were facing many of the same struggles US service members encountered due to their service.  We received military from several other countries and quickly recognized that the pillars of resiliency and recover; Mind, Body, Spirit and Social were the same for all nationalities and religious beliefs, and that the most critical factor consistently showed where Mighty Oaks has the most to offer through spiritual resiliency.  These realizations led Mighty Oaks to stand up an international effort named – MOI (Mighty Oaks International).  Over the past years MOI has both conducted resiliency programs in countries around the world to both US and foreign service members from countries like Peru, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Georgia, UAE, South Korea, Canada and Germany.

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Marriage Advance: Love Never Gives Up

To be eligible to attend this program at least one from the couple must have successfully completed either the Men’s or Women’s Legacy Program first. Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs will sponsor couples attending by covering the entire programs cost along with lodging during the scheduled dates of the session. We have partnered with Family Life (A Cru Ministry) in an effort to help couples grow and strengthen their marriages, to last their lifetime, after one or both have attended a Legacy Program. Family Life offers a unique program called Weekend to Remember. With a motto of Great Marriages Don’t Just Happen, couples are invited to attend so they can invest in one another strengthening their marriage and home by understanding God’s blueprint for marriage. The Weekend to Remember offers multiple sessions at 95 locations with select sessions geared toward a military family. The couple attending would only be responsible for their own travel to and from the location and meals. Please let us know your preferred location in the notes box when filling out our application.

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Aftercare Program

The week spent at the Legacy Program is an incredible time, and for many it is marked by life changing decisions. At the moment of these decisions, our Warriors begin an exciting and potentially challenging journey. In addition to the tools they receive during the Legacy Programs, alumni are given, dedicated Aftercare Team provide support and resources to ensure they Never Fight Alone to live out the life they were created to live. Our Aftercare Leadership is well  equipped and passionate about ensuring the success of each program graduate.

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What Happens At Our Legacy Programs

A typical day at our Legacy Program begins with colors, raising and saluting our nation’s flag, and breakfast. Each day is filled with a variety of classes, or presentations, on a wide range of topics. And yet, all the topics mesh together like a detailed mosaic to create a total vision of what living with your legacy in mind would look like. Each presentation has a corresponding “Breakout” session, where Warriors meet in designated teams with a Team Leader/Instructor to unpack the class and make personal, real-world applications. There is also time for a variety of site-specific activities and connection with others.

What Makes Our Programs Unique

What makes our programs unique is the atmosphere our staff creates. Legacy Programs are safe, confidential, and disarmingly authentic. The course material is not just presented, it’s demonstrated. Instructors open the windows into their own lives with unbridled authenticity and honesty, sharing from personal failures to continued victories. Military service breeds a high level of connectedness and community – a brotherhood or sisterhood. Mighty Oaks Legacy Programs staff take that level of community and pump it up to new heights. We don’t just say, “Never Fight Alone,” we live it. Our Legacy Program is truly remarkable and something that must be experienced in order to fully understand. Attending a Legacy Program will challenge your perceptions and could very well change your life.


"You are able to trust everyone around you without the fear of being judged. I was able to share something with this group that I've never shared with anyone my entire life. That in itself shows just how trusting and comfortable this environment is."

“The Mighty Oaks Team pulled together to help lift me up through dark times; I have chosen to dedicate my life to helping other veterans struggling with some of the same challenges I have had to face….”

"I witnessed warriors, hardened by their combat experiences, come to terms with their own brokenness and find healing in the redemptive powers of Jesus Christ. Their curriculum wastes no time beating around the bush and gets to the heart of the matter exploring the meaning of authentic manhood."

"There's good and evil fighting inside of everybody and if you can see the positive, you can live an awesome life."

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