Board of Advisors

General James Conway

USMC (40 yrs. Retired)
34th Commandant of the Marine Corps

National advocate and spokesman for veterans care

Lt. General “Jerry” Boykin

US Army Special Forces (36 yrs. Retired)
US Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence

Commander of the elite US Army Delta Force
Vice President, Family Research Council

Maj. General Robert Dees

US Army (31 yrs. Retired)
Founder, Inst. for Military Resilience Liberty University
Author of the Resilience Trilogy
National Security Advisor for Dr. Ben Carson

Lt. Colonel Allen West

US Army (22 yrs. Retired)
Congressman, U.S. House of Representatives
Author of “Guardian of the Republic”
Fox News contributor

Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman

US Army (23 yrs. Retired)
Director of the Killology Research Group
NY Times Bestselling Author

Sgt Maj. Carlton Kent

USMC (35 yrs. Retired)
16th Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps
National advocate and spokesman for veterans care

Cm Sgt. Ericka E. Kelly

USAF (30 yrs. Retired)
Command CMS, Air Force Reserve Command
Recipient of the Meritorious Service Medal
Criminal Investigator for the D.O.J.

Sgt Maj. Mike Glover

US Army Special Forces SGM (20 yrs. Retired), USG Contractor
CEO, Fieldcraft Survival Inc.

Host, Fieldcraft Survival Podcast
Survival and Preparedness Specialist and Contributor

Matt Heidt, MBA
Advisory Board Chairman

US Navy SEAL Sr. Chief (23 yrs. Retired)
Iraq Veteran with Bronze Star for Combat Valor
Commercial Real Estate Investor

David Barton

NY Times Bestselling Author & “America’s Historian”
Founder, WallBuilders
American & Christian Historian
NY Times Bestselling Author and Time Magazine’s "25 Most Influential Evangelicals"

B. Wayne Hughes, Jr

Founder Serving USA Foundation
Founder American Commercial Equities
Businessman / Rancher / Philanthropist

Sarah Verardo

CEO The Independence Fund
Co-founder Save Our Allies

National Veterans Advocate

Michael Berry Esq.

Director of Military Affairs for Liberty Institute
USMC Attorney & Afghanistan Veteran

Adjunct Professor of Law, US Naval Academy

Bryan W. Wesley

Executive Leader, Integrated Oil & Gas
Global leadership experience, 24 years in the energy industry

Curtis Solomon Ph.D, M.Div.

Associate Professor and Program Coordinator of Biblical Counseling at Boyce College
ACBC Certified Biblical Counselor
USAF Veteran

Pastor Chris Brown

Pastor North Coast Church in Vista, CA
Pastors over 15,000 members, 10% are Military Families
Former Campus Pastor of Azusa Pacific College

Sam Pyle, MBA

Sr. VP of Financial Advisory, Morgan Stanley
28 yrs - Finance & Investment Management

Jeff Blaylock, MBA

USMC Recon Marine & Scout Sniper
Asset & Process Manager, Dawson Geophysical Company

Pastor Tom Ferrell M.Div.

Senior Pastor at Atascadero Bible Church in Ca.
30 yrs. International Missionary Leader Experience

Bill Peters, Ph.D.

USMC - 1st Force Recon Commander Vietnam
Silver Star, Bronze Star x2 with combat “V”, and Purple Heart
Author of First Force Recon Company
Founder – International Children’s Aid Network

Chris Meisenhalder, MBA

Healthcare and Regulatory Compliance,
COO Former law enforcement

Paul Thomas

Entrepreneur and Investor in Spring, TX
CEO of Luscinia Health
Managing Partner, Auxano Ventures
Former chapter chairman of YPO, Texas Gulf Coast

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