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In 2016 Mighty Oaks resiliency and legacy programs caught the attention of the international community and military services from around the world who were facing many of the same struggles US service members encountered due to their service.  We received military from several other countries and quickly recognized that the pillars of resiliency and recover; Mind, Body, Spirit and Social were the same for all nationalities and religious beliefs, and that the most critical factor consistently showed where Mighty Oaks has the most to offer through spiritual resiliency.  These realizations led Mighty Oaks to stand up an international effort named – MOI (Mighty Oaks International).  Over the past years MOI has both conducted resiliency programs in countries around the world to both US and foreign service members from countries like Peru, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Georgia, UAE, South Korea, Canada and Germany.

The mission of Mighty Oaks is to SAVE LIVES, RESTORE FAMILIES and CHANGE LEGACIES for eternity. Since 2011 we have done those for tens of thousands of warriors through non-clinical faith based peer-to-peer resiliency and recovery programs with incredible success, and the MOI team will work hard to share these programs with our friends around the world. 

Our Current Missions


Few realize the true depth of sacrifice that our Afghanistan service allies made during the course of the 20 year war. They served alongside American military personnel tirelessly with honor. Some spent a decade plus serving without leave, in a constant deployment where loyalty and personal sacrifice were exemplified by these incredible men who risked everything to aid our military.


Many do not realize Russia’s war with Ukraine has been raging for 8 years now, since 2014. The military Here IS comprised of men and women who have taken up arms out of necessity, those who you would not be able to identify as your typical military aged man; they Against The ODDS Have been fighting for their freedom from a brutal regime. The toll this is taking on their lives and culture Are immeasurable.

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Please fill out the form below to apply for us to send a team to hold an event or program in your area. Mighty Oaks Sends our speakers and mobile training teams all over the world. We will respond to your request withing 48 hours.


    The SIV Legacy Program for Men is a transformative five-day intensive peer-to-peer program designed to empower SIV holders to find answers to the profound questions that arise in their lives.  Throughout this program, participants confront the unique challenges associated with daily military life, combat deployments, their hasty evacuation and the symptoms of post-traumatic stress (PTS). The core objective of the SIV Legacy Program for Men is to equip participants with the necessary tools to identify and overcome these challenges, enabling them to unlock their full potential and achieve personal success.  Unlike clinical approaches, this program provides a non-clinical, confidential, and open environment that fosters camaraderie and fellowship among participants. Peer leadership is a cornerstone of the Legacy Program, enabling participants to connect on a profound level through shared experiences and understanding.  By harnessing the power of these connections, the program cultivates an environment where men can experience personal growth and embark on a journey of recovery. The SIV Legacy Program for Men focuses on exploring vital aspects such as discipline, brotherhood, legacy, courage, honor, faith, and family.  By delving into these themes, participants develop authentic character and acquire the skills needed to live a life of leadership and purpose. Throughout the program, Warriors are equipped with the necessary tools and strategies to effectively navigate life’s challenges, transforming adversity into opportunities for growth.  By the end of the program, participants gain a renewed sense of purpose, allowing them to move forward with confidence and clarity. The SIV Legacy Program for Men aims to make a lasting impact on the lives of military personnel, empowering them to not only conquer their personal struggles but also discover their unique purpose in life.  Through this transformative experience, participants are prepared to navigate the complexities of life, armed with the strength and resilience to thrive in any situation. The program will last 5 days and is free to students like our National programs. 




    For a person to be resilient, a fundamental truth must be understood: we were all created with a very specific design. We were created to be leaders in our homes and communities, contributing to our world and society in a meaningful way. This will look different from person to person, of course, but we must embrace the fact that our lives have purpose and can make an impact beyond daily survival. Instead of allowing ourselves to become overwhelmed by events of the past, we need to live every day to fulfill the potential that we have been given. We must stop allowing a broken culture to define our lives for us and instead seek out the purpose for which we were created.

    This is where true resiliency takes place. If we know who we were created to be and the roles that we were created to fulfill, then when things become overwhelming, we can focus our attention on moving forward instead of looking back. Thankfully, we have Scripture to help us do this! The Bible should serve as the roadmap for our lives. It provides the Creator’s intent for our lives as well as practical examples of how to apply His intent as we move through life. It is an unchanging standard to which we can align our lives when nothing else makes sense. It is the lighthouse on the shore that will guide us safely out of the storm.

    Aligning our lives to this standard will not just happen though. It will require practice and a daily commitment to move forward.

    All of us will hit setbacks and reach points of frustration, but there will be moments of achievement. Success, however, will NOT come by accident. One must set a goal and stick to it while remaining intentional and committed. As hard as this journey will be, we must remember that we are not alone.

    In 1 Corinthians 10:13, Paul teaches,

    “No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, He will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.”

    We don’t have to do this alone…in fact, we were never meant to!



    Help US bring spiritual resiliency to the front lines of the fight. We are deploying our teams all over Ukraine to provide our essential programs to military and their families in desperate need. We need your support to enable this critical work, and spread the core biblical message of Mighty Oaks to help bring our Warrior brothers and sisters to Christ. Help us to further our mission of Saving Lives, Restoring Families and Changing Legacies Forever.  

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