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Mighty Oaks speakers cover a wide range of topics through our programs to Veterans and Active Duty Service Members that we also bring to retreats, conferences, churches and civic events around the country. We are also a frequent guest on national media outlets (Fox News, The Blaze, OAN, CBN, Epoch Times,  American Family Radio, Forbes, Christian Post among many others) speaking on Veteran issues including Combat Trauma, PTSd and Resiliency. All of our speakers are combat Veterans or spouses of combat Veterans and have a passion to share the transformational experience that changed their world and unveiled their purpose.

Our talks on the following topics are both inspiring and challenging and can be scaled from single sessions to multi-day/multi-session retreats and conferences.

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    Mighty Oaks Speakers

    Chad M. Robichaux, BCPC, MBA

    Chad M. Robichaux, BCPC, MBA

    Former Force Recon Marine/Afghanistan Veteran
    Pro MMA Champion
    Best Selling Author
    Founder of Mighty Oaks Foundation

    Jeremy M. Stalnecker

    Jeremy M. Stalnecker

    USMC Infantry Officer/Iraq Veteran
    Navy Commendation Medal with “V” for Combat Valor
    Executive Director & Co-Founder
    of Mighty Oaks Foundation

    Kathy R. Robichaux

    Founder & Spokeswoman of Mighty Oaks Foundation

    Kathy is the proud wife of an American Hero. Out of her and her husband Chad’s story of triumph in the face of devastating adversity, they founded the Mighty Oaks Foundation. Kathy brings a powerful testimony of unconditional love and forgiveness that shines through the darkness as a ray of hope. She has a strong connection with women and wives struggling with the pain and heartache of separation and divorce. She speaks publicly as a wife and a mother who fought the war at home for her husband. On the other side of that war Kathy found a restored relationship with Chad, and an even stronger faith.


    Susanne Stalnecker

    Women's Program Director & Co-Founder

    Susanne is the Director of Women’s programs at The Mighty Oaks Foundation, leading the ministry to female Veterans, Service Members and spouses. Through her experience as the wife of a Marine Combat veteran she understands the difficulties of raising a family while dealing with the struggles and uncertainty of military life.  This experience along with more than fifteen years of church and women’s ministry give her a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by women seeking to be all that God has created and called them to be. Her heart is to challenge women through speaking, writing and mentoring through words and a life that are uplifting and encouraging. Susanne has four children from ages nine to nineteen and has been married for twenty-one years.


    Branden D. Kunath

    USMC Infantry Staff Sergeant (Retired)/Iraq & Afghanistan Veteran
    National Programs Director for Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs

    Branden is a medically retired U.S. Marine Staff Sergeant who served as an Infantry Machine Gunner and Infantry Unit Leader during his active duty service. After multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan Branden found himself being assigned to the Wounded Warrior Battalion at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton in California. As a recovering service member at Wounded Warrior Battalion Branden found himself arriving to a Mighty Oaks Men's Program in December 2013. After graduating and dedicating his life to Christ, he noticed he was not alone in his fight and quickly realized where his new found purpose was needed. In addition to Branden’s role as the National Facilitation Manager with Mighty Oaks, he also serves as an instructor with the Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs. He and his wife have dedicated their lives to reaching back into the dark places to rescue their fellow brothers and sisters in need so that they may experience the same healing in Christ that they and their family experienced.


    Matthew Heidt

    Navy SEAL – Sr Chief (Retired)/Iraq Veteran
    Bronze Star with "V" for Combat Valor
    Mighty Oaks Warrior Program Instructor

    Matt served 23 years of combined active and reserve service as a Navy SEAL and retired as a Senior Chief Petty Officer in December 2013. Matt's walk with Christ began in 1994 when a member of his SEAL platoon was shot and paralyzed in a training accident. As one of the platoon Hospital Corpsmen, Matt was able to save this man's life, but not his mobility. Matt’s realization of the hazards of the SEAL Team mission, along with the inspiring optimism of his first trauma patient led him to seek a relationship with Christ. Over the years, Matt has been greatly blessed with a wonderful family, and a child whose life is a miracle. Witnessing the way that God has protected his family emboldened Matt to deploy to Iraq with confidence that God would be by his side. He ended up at the center of a far-reaching intelligence operation in Iraq where God once again came through in dramatic fashion to save hundreds of lives and to continue to protect Matt. These experiences have been demonstrative of God’s faithfulness in Matt’s life, and they have enabled him to continue to move forward and share their value with the men he encounters through the Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs.


    Robert W. “Bill” Coate

    SMC- Intelligence Officer (Colonel, Retired)/Iraq Veteran Legion of Merit & Bronze Star Recipient Author Mighty Oaks Warrior Program Instructor

    Bill Coate’s career in the military has spanned three decades, and included duty stations all over the world, from Australia to the Middle East, with combat deployments to East Timor and Iraq. During Operation Iraqi Freedom, Bill was the Iraq All Source Team Chief before deploying to Iraq and establishing the National Intelligence Center in Baghdad. Later he returned to Iraq as a Battalion Commander. Bill retired in 2011 as a Colonel, with his final duty station being in Dam Neck, VA, where he was the commanding officer of the Marine Corps Intelligence Schools. Bill has been married to his wife, Julie, for over 30 years, and they have three grown children. Bill’s service to our great nation lives on through his work with the Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs. His mission now is to reach our nation’s Warriors who are struggling with the challenges of post-combat trauma. He continues to lead men, challenging them to rise up and be the leaders they were created to be, to live purposeful lives, and to positively impact America.


    Luis Rivera

    US Navy SEAL, Sr. Chief (Retired)/Iraq Veteran
    Purple Heart Recipient
    2 Bronze Stars with “V” for Combat Valor
    Operations Manager for Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs

    Luis Rivera, the Operations Manager, reports to Jeremy Stalnecker, the Executive Director, and serves as an integral member of the senior management team. He is responsible for the continued development of Mighty Oaks Foundation’s organizational strategy and contribute to the development of the organization’s strategic goals.


    John V. Davis

    US Army Veteran/Iraq & Panama Veteran
    Police Officer (Retired)
    Applications Coordinator for Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs

    John Davis is the Application Coordinator for Mighty Oaks and handles every application that comes into our system. John's passion for our mission make him the right man for the job as he personally makes first contact with each Warrior or family member, assesses their situation and places applicants into upcoming scheduled programs nationwide. John also serves as a Team Leader at many of our programs. As a former Sergeant in the US Army 82nd Airborne he was a forward observer in the 319th Artillery Battalion. John was attached 3/504th Infantry Battalion for Operation Just Cause in Panama 1989 and 1/17th Calvary Division Scouts in Iraq as a Ground Laser Team Leader for Desert Shield / Desert Storm in 1991. After honorably discharging from the US Army in 1993 he joined the Orange County CA Sheriff's Department where he worked in the county jail. In 1994 he transferred to Whittier Police Department where he worked as a Patrol Officer and as a member of the Special Occurrence Response Team and Entry Team. After being in 3 justified officer involved shootings John was medically retired in 2004. After retiring from law enforcement John became a high school football, track and strength coach. John and his wife Quennie have 7 children and outside of Mighty Oaks John enjoys training athletes strength and conditioning coach and training as a competitive Jiu-Jitsu athlete.


    Cm Sgt. Ericka E. Kelly

    USAF (30 yrs. Retired)
    Command Chief Master Sergeant for Air Force Reserve Command
    Recipient of the Meritorious Service Medal
    Criminal Investigator for the D.O.J.

    Chief Master Sergeant Ericka E. Kelly is the Command Chief Master Sergeant for Air Force Reserve Command, Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, and also serves as the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chief of Air Force Reserve, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C. Chief Kelly represents the highest enlisted executive level of leadership in Air Force Reserve Command and advises the Commander on all issues regarding the readiness, training, welfare, morale, proper utilization and progress of more than 55,000 enlisted active duty and Reserve Citizen Airmen serving at more than 60 military bases worldwide. She also provides direction to the Reserve force and represents their interests at all levels of government to other military branches and in joint strategic and operational war-fighting environments.

    Chief Kelly joined the Air Force in October 1987 and served in numerous assignments and leadership positions in the medical career field and took part in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. In May 1993, Chief Kelly transferred to the Air Force Reserve and deployed twice in support of Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom. She led two Air Force Reserve wings as the top enlisted advisor for the 452nd Air Mobility Wing, March Air Reserve Base, California, and then the 349th Air Mobility Wing, Travis Air Force Base, California, before assuming her current position.

    In addition to her military service, Chief Kelly has more than 20 years of government, management and law enforcement experience. She has served as a criminal investigator for the Department of Justice in the Office of Professional Responsibility. She is also a John Maxwell certified speaker, coach and trainer.


    Maj. General Robert Dees

    US Army (31 yrs. Retired)
    Founder, Inst. for Military Resilience Liberty University
    Author of the Resilience Trilogy
    National Security Advisor for Dr. Ben Carson
    Mighty Oaks Board of Advisors

    From a Major General in the US Army, to the Campaign Chairman for Dr Ben Carson, there isn't much Robert "Bob" Dees hasn't done. Throughout his career, he has maintained focus and integrity while moving and motivating the men and women that surround him.  A natural leader, Bob Dees will speak to your audience on a number of topics that will leave them motivated and wanting more for their lives. He currently serves on the Advisory Board for Mighty Oaks Foundation.

    Great For:
    Men's Events, Conferences, Church Outreach Weekends, Fundraising, Benefits, Veterans and Military Services

    Author Of:
    Resilient Nations, Resilient Leaders, Resilient Warriors, Resilience God Style, Resilience God Style Video Series, Resilience God Style Training Game

    As Seen On:
    Fox News, Newsmax, Liberty University, New Canaan Society, FOX Business

    Military Appreciation, Resilient Nations (National Renewal), Resilience God Style (Personal Resilience, including applications to family), Resilient Leadership, Christian Patriotism and Citizenship


    Military Events

    We come alongside individual commands and chaplaincies to offer peer to peer talks that can include pre-deployment resiliency training, shoring up your home life while you are gone, how to have more effective communications, during a deployment and how to better be equipped for post deployment family reintegration.

    Men’s Events

    What does True Manhood defined by God look like? We answer this question utilizing curriculum from our core classes in our military Men’s Programs. This includes defining an authentic man, being a purposeful husband, father and leader and walking in integrity through real brotherhood and community.

    Women’s Events

    These talks are designed with guiding women toward a Biblical blueprint of womanhood; to inspire them, and help to flourish in all of the key areas of their life (faith, marriage, mothering, health, service and finances) in order to challenge and help them grow into who they were designed to be.

    Marriage Events

    Our marriage talks aim to help couples gain a better understanding of the struggles that they each face. We speaks on needs, expectations, communications, goal and forgivenness. A healthy couple can successfully weather any storm if they walk in understanding of one another and center their marriage on Godly principles.


    "You are able to trust everyone around you without the fear of being judged. I was able to share something with this group that I've never shared with anyone my entire life. That in itself shows just how trusting and comfortable this environment is."

    “The Mighty Oaks Team pulled together to help lift me up through dark times; I have chosen to dedicate my life to helping other veterans struggling with some of the same challenges I have had to face….”

    "I witnessed warriors, hardened by their combat experiences, come to terms with their own brokenness and find healing in the redemptive powers of Jesus Christ. Their curriculum wastes no time beating around the bush and gets to the heart of the matter exploring the meaning of authentic manhood."

    "There's good and evil fighting inside of everybody and if you can see the positive, you can live an awesome life."

    Mighty Oaks Blog

    Hobby or Obsession

    Hobby or Obsession

    The premise is that we shouldn’t be “fans” of Jesus, sitting in the stands or standing on the sidelines cheering Him and others on in the epic battle for the souls of the world. We ought to be engaged in spiritual combat right alongside our savior.

    Read More
    Help a Veteran Get Needed Care

    Help a Veteran Get Needed Care

    After 20 years in the war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan, more than half of the 2 million Veterans struggle with physical and mental health problems stemming from their service.
    According to the Department of Veteran Affairs, every day in America, over twenty veterans commit suicide. The V.A. Hotline receives an average of 400 calls per day. 2018 marked the highest military active duty suicide rate in 10 years.

    Read More
    Bondage of Sin

    Bondage of Sin

    If we really want to be honest with ourselves, sometimes we choose to sin, not because we are enticed against our wills, but because we desire its forbidden fruit. We mean to say at times, “I’m a good man. I don’t do anything wrong; look at all my good deeds.”

    Read More
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