Fundrasier Resources

For those looking to use Mighty Oaks as an official fundraising beneficiary, and you would like to use Mighty Oaks Foundation logos in your event marketing or on-site, please fill out the partner request form below. Also, if you are a professional fundraiser looking to work with Mighty Oaks please tell us a little about your past work in the message box below. 

    Facebook Personal Fundraisers

    We encourage those who are looking to host a personal fundraiser to utilize Facebook’s tools. All it takes is two clicks through this link and a couple of quick questions: https://www.facebook.com/fund/mightyoaksprograms/. Your personal Facebook Fundraiser will be live a few minutes. We are grateful and feel honored that so many have held birthday fundraisers to benefit our nation’s Warriors, providing so many with a path to attend our Legacy Program.

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