Q. How much does it cost to attend a program
A. There is no cost to a veteran, active service member or their spouse. Each attendee is privately sponsored so they will not need to be financially responsible to attend.

Q. What if I can’t pay or have reliable transportation?
A. We have the ability to help with travel assistance for those who need flights to one of our locations. We also have a large passenger van that is available for attendees to use who are local to our Headquarters in Murrieta, CA.

Q. Who is eligible to attend a Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs Legacy Program?
A. Anyone one that has served in the military at any point of time. This would include all veterans, active duty service members, reservists and National Guard. 1st Responders (Police, Fire, EMS are eligible to sign up to attend the 1st Responders specific session or can attend a regularly scheduled program as needed.

Q. What do I need to bring or pay for during the program?
A. All costs are covered by us due to extremely generous donors and people who want you to be taken care of and succeed. The cost of the program includes food, program materials and items, bedding and linen, travel if applicable. You need only to arrive with clothes to sustain you for 5 days, hygiene materials, government issued ID and any other basic comfort items for the week.

Q. Where do I stay during the program? Can I go home each night?
A. During the Legacy Program everyone is required to stay on the property for the duration of the program. We understand that some participants may live near a location but will need to remain at the location to ensure that the program adheres to the schedule and conducted smoothly as possible. While everyone will comfortable lodging, we can’t guarantee private accommodations since some locations share two beds per room. We do have full ADA accessible rooms for those who need them.

Q. Since Mighty Oaks is a faith-based organization. Does an attendee need to be religious or a certain faith to attend?
A. No. While Mighty Oaks is, Christian faith based, we have attendees of all sorts of backgrounds, experiences, beliefs.

Q. Can my spouse attend a Legacy Program with me?
A. No. The Legacy Programs are attended separately. The separated Men’s and Women’s Legacy Program allow the participants to be comfortable and open to share and work through things that are common to those attending that session.
The Marriage Advance is available for couples to attend once at least one of them has attended The Legacy Program.

Q. Can my caregiver attend the Legacy Program with me?
A. Due to the structure of the Legacy Programs caregivers are able to attend as long as the caregiver is the same gender as the attendee and assists the attendee with very specific care. i.e. Walking or movement in specialized chair, seeing and or writing. Unfortunately, spouses will not be eligible to attend with their loved one Caregiver requests will be reviewed and approved on a case by case basis.

Q. Can I attend the Legacy Program at any location
A. We offer FOUR locations that are regionally located. California, Ohio, Texas and Virginia. We try our best to get everyone into a session as quickly as possible at one of our locations closest to where they live.
However, understanding that personal, work schedules don’t always match with the sessions that are scheduled for the year, we do our best to get someone into the next available session regardless of their location.
Note: The Women’s Legacy Program is conducted only at our California and Ohio location at the moment.

Q. What happens or is the process after I respond to the initial contact email that I will receive?
A. Once you reply to the application coordinators email, John Davis will then begin to work with you to schedule you for the next available session. Approximately, 30 days prior to the sessions start you will receive a confirmation email to confirm you are still able and willing to attend the program during the dates given or requested. The confirmation email will also contain our Welcome Letter which has information about the upcoming session detailing times, locations, directions, packing list and more pertinent information.

We are thankful for your service to our country whether you served in the U.S. Armed Forces as a First-Responder or keeping the home-front operating smoothly! We look forward to getting you into a Legacy Program and are committed to serving you, your family showing you there is HOPE, Restoration and those who understand the trials and tribulations you have/are experiencing. NEVER FIGHT ALONE!

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