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The Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs have a unique leadership development philosophy. We recruit from within. At the core of our programs are our Program Mentors and Peer Leaders; Mentors are military veterans who are trained and bring experienced Biblical counsel to each of our programs. They provide Biblical oversight, are our on site counsel for both students and peer leaders and they function to transition each individual student into an aftercare plan and network. Each of our Peer Leaders attend as a participant before being selected to be trained and return as leadership within the program. That means all our Peer Leaders work directly with the men or women who come through the Legacy Programs from a position of experience and understanding. That experience encompasses combat experience, Post Traumatic Stress and day-to-day life issues. That also means that our Peer Leaders function in a “peer-to-peer” capacity. The experience our PLs bring translates into a voice of compassion, patience and experience. Our men’s PLs come from all military branches with a variety of MOS’s represented. Our women’s PLs also have a dynamic background ranging from spouses of combat veterans and military who have served or are currently serving. We treat those who come through our program the way you’d expect a fellow veteran, a fellow warrior, in a way they would expect to be treated. We don’t coddle, nor do we treat those who attend as victims because we reject the idea that veterans are victims of their service. The same is true for our women’s program, as we outline the biblical blueprint for virtuous womanhood. We treat those who come to our programs as warriors who need to get back in the fight because there are things in life worth fighting for.

In short, these four bullets describe our Peer Leaders:

Men’s Legacy Program 

  1. All are Christians.
  2. All are combat veterans.
  3. All have come through the process from being a student to a “certified” Peer Leader.
  4. All are continuing their knowledge and understanding in their walk with Christ and assistance to those with PTS.

Women’s Legacy Program 

  1. All are Christians.
  2. All are military spouses, veterans, or currently serving.
  3. All have come through the process from being a student to a “certified” Peer Leader.
  4. All are continuing their knowledge and understanding in their walk with Christ and assistance to those with PTS.

While we have a growing staff of leadership for Mighty Oaks, we would like you to meet a few from our primary leaders:

Program Leadership Team

Chad M. Robichaux

Founder and President
Best Selling Author
Pro MMA Champion
USMC Force Recon Veteran

Kathy Robichaux

Partner Relations

Jeremy M. Stalnecker

Executive Director
USMC Infantry Officer
Iraq Veteran

Branden D. Kunath

National Programs Director
USMC (Ret) Infantry
Iraq & Afghanistan Veteran

Susanne Stalnecker

Women's Program Director
Mighty Oaks Office Manager

Luis M. Rivera

Operations Manager
US Navy Seal (Ret) Submariner
Iraq & Afghanistan Veteran

John V. Davis

Applications Coordinator
US Army Panama & Desert Storm Veteran
Police Officer (Ret)

Kevin Schroeder

Programs Training Manager
USMC - Desert Storm Veteran
Police Officer - Patrol Lieutenant (Ret)
Current Volunteer Police Captain

Jamie Warner

West Coast Regional Facilitator
USMC Officer CH-53 Aviator

Robert “Bill” Coate

West Coast Regional Manager
USMC - Intelligence Officer Colonel (Ret)
Iraq Veteran

Quennie Davis

Women's Program Support Facilitator
Travel Coordinator
US Army Veteran

Jeannette Kunath

Women's Program Administrator

Gabe Delarosa

East Coast Regional Facilitator
USMC - AAV Crewmember
Iraq & Afghanistan Veteran

Justin Reinwand

Central Region Facilitator 
USMC - Cobra Pilot
Afghanistan Veteran

Peer Leadership

Julie Coate

Women's Legacy Program
USMC Spouse

Ann Dodd

Women's Legacy Program
USMC Spouse

Iris Estrada

Women's Legacy Program
USMC Spouse

Tom Fordyce

Men's Legacy Program Texas
USMC - Infantry
Vietnam Veteran

Jason Geis

Men's Legacy Program California
US Army - Sgt. Maj. (Ret.)
Iraq / Kosovo / Central America / Kuwait

Travis Gitthens

Men's Legacy Program Wyoming
USMC - Infantry Officer
Iraq & Afghanistan Veteran

Michelle Greene

Women's Legacy Program
USMC Spouse

Amanda Hamilton

Women's Legacy Program
USMC Spouse

Reed Hastey

Men's Legacy Program Oklahoma
US Army - Combat Engineer
Iraq Veteran

Jeremy Harrell

Men's Legacy Program Kentucky
US Army - Motor Transport
Iraq Veteran

Heidi Andela

Women's Legacy Program

Jason Hierwarter

First Responder Legacy Program
USMC Veteran
Active Police Officer

Justin Howell

Men's Legacy Program Virginia
Active Police Officer
USMC Motor Transport
Afghanistan Veteran

Jarod Lancaster

Men's Legacy Program North Carolina
US Navy - Boarding Teams (VBSS)
Active Police Officer
Global War on Terrorism

Shannon Morell

Women's Legacy Program
USMC Navy Veteran
USMC Spouse

Sarah Morgan

Women's Legacy Program

Glenn Rosenbaum

Men's Legacy Program Montana
US Army - UH-1H Pilot
Attended MOWP 2016

Victor Sassoon

Men's Legacy Program Washington
US Army - Ranger
Attended MOWP 2017

Laurel Scott

Women's Legacy Program
USMC Veteran & Spouse

Denise Villahermosa

Women's Legacy Program

Program Mentors

Rachel Schroeder

Women’s Program Mentor
USMC and Law Enforcement Spouse

Neal Grogan

Aftercare/Program Manager
USMC - Infantry
Afghanistan Veteran
B.C.M - Concentration in Pastoral Ministry
M.Div Biblical Counseling (The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)

John Hintz

Men's Program Mentor
USMC - Infantry
San Diego County Sheriff/Det. (Ret)
Current Sheriff Department Chaplain

Matthew Statler

Men's Program Mentor
Army/Infantry/SFC (Ret)
Iraq Veteran
M.Div (The Southern Baptist Seminary)
ACBC certified counselor

Robin Werling

Men's Program Mentor
USMC/Air Traffic Control Communications Technician
ACBC Certified Biblical Counselor
MA - Biblical Counseling - TrinityTheological Seminary

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