By Jamie Warner

It’s safe to say, there was a national tension the week of January 18th so real, so in everyone’s face, that it was tangible. Media outlets were ablaze with inflammatory information as the nation moved toward the Presidential Inauguration Day. There seemed to be very little peace to matter what your position on the election. And yet, while so many of our countrymen and people worldwide stayed focused on the political events as they unfolded, twelve men descended on The Ranch in central Texas with other matters on their minds.

Like the rest of their countrymen, these men were anxious, confused, hurting, desperate. And yet, they were collectively focused. Not on the political landscape, but on doing whatever it takes to reclaim purpose, hope, and their lives. And these Warriors were met by eight leaders and staff from Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs who themselves shared a singular focus and purpose: to show the 12 Warriors how to regain their purpose and restore their hope by realigning their lives with their Creator.

First night introductions and Welcome brief were given and caused reactions from the participants ranging from, “I know this is what I need in my life,” to “After hearing what this week is about, I made a mistake in coming here.” The staff just smiled, knowing what our Lord often does in the hearts of the men who attend Legacy Program.

The Team Leaders expertly lead their team members through the curriculum while modeling Christ’s love and compassion, authenticity and confidentiality. Their unconditional love, acceptance, and sharing their own stories and the timeless truths of God’s Word broke down walls, loosed chains, and positioned the Warriors to find true and lasting freedom. Each man left the Ranch with tools to ensure peace in life’s storms, were given the opportunity to reconnect with their Savior, and were shown how as followers of Christ, we can align our lives to the life we were created to live and have clarity in the midst of chaos.

Thank you for your unrelenting prayers during each of our Legacy Programs. It’s because of your support we are able to do what we do.



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