The End is Just the Beginning | By, Jamie Warner

Here we are, midway through December and in the final days of 2021. The year began amidst unrest, controversy, division, and discontentment, causing many to wonder if it marked the beginning of The End. So, while many voices in the country were complaining about the sky falling and the nation dividing, those who believe in God, those who follow Jesus Christ, those who rest on the promises of God’s Holy Word, those were the people who continued to press forward into the fight. I’m not talking about the political fights or the cultural fights although that certainly happened too. I am referring to the fight for life: lives committed to fighting for the best things like marriages, families, and legacies by living out their God-created design.


Ecclesiastes 7:8 says, “The end of a thing is better than its beginning.”

You see, despite a year that began on shaky ground, Mighty Oaks Foundation held 30 Legacy Programs reaching nearly 500 of our nation’s Warriors in 2021. That’s significant considering the start of the year saw many challenges and shuffling and rescheduling as the country continued to adjust to the ever-shifting rules and restrictions.

This Program week was no exception as it began with many challenges, yet these men finished strong. Burdens were set aside. Chains of unforgiveness were broken. Lives were realigned with their Creator, several for the very first time. Legacies that began on a path of destruction, heartache, and despair were redeemed and set on a new course towards hope and purpose and triumph. As we tell the participants of the Legacy Program, the end of the Program signifies the end of fighting alone, the end of fighting without God, but it’s just the beginning of your redeemed Legacy story.


When God is invited in, The end of a thing is better than its beginning.

When God is the focus, the problems of the world cannot stop hundreds of lives being saved, dozens of families being restored, and generations of legacies changing for the better. The year is ending, but it’s better than its beginning because with the support of a grateful nation, we are preparing for a new, bigger Program year in 2022.

Thank you, loyal supporters, for being a key part of the Mighty Oaks Legacy Story.


Merry Christmas, and God bless.

(If there is any chance you may be battling with PTSD, please click here to be taken to our application page. We are here for you.)



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