By Jamie Warner

The week of August 19th brought together a team of 11 Mighty Oaks leaders and 25 Men’s Legacy Programs participants at SkyRose Ranch in San Miguel, California. Even though the 25 arrived in various states of brokenness, despair, and hopelessness, they quickly dove into the process and took in all that was presented.

What an amazing week it was! In fact, Program Manager Bill Coate’s Final Challenge really summed up the experience. Let me paraphrase Bill.

In Acts 3, Peter and John heal a lame man who daily sat at the temple gate “Beautiful” begging for alms. When the man stretched out his hand in Peter and John’s direction and asked for change, Peter responded with, “Silver and gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk.” It goes on to say how Peter took the man by the right hand and lifted him to his feet. His legs were strong and steady, and the man began to leap around and praising God as he followed Peter and John into the temple. Boy, did he get some change! But Jesus doesn’t give temporary change – enough to just get by. He gives supernatural, eternal change.

Many of this week’s Warriors came to Legacy Program looking for some change, but what they left with is a real encounter with their Creator and Savior. They received change… eternally more than they thought they would.

When the man at the temple changed, many saw it and glorified God for the miracle. When our Warriors return home, many will see the miracle in their lives that faith in Jesus provides, and undoubtedly, many will praise God for what happened while at Legacy Program. Unfortunately, not everyone will be happy about the change in our Warriors, some may even despise the change, but no one will be able to deny it. Because, when you spend time with Jesus, it leaves an indelible mark. The change is apparent.

Bill summed up by challenging the graduates to Be in the Word, Be in Prayer, Be in Fellowship, and Be in Contact. Following these four basic principles sets up your “temporary” life for a positive eternal impact. It helps create a Legacy the next generation will strive to emulate.

Congratulations to last week’s graduates. Keep checking in as this week we have another group of Warriors in Texas. October will have a Women’s Legacy Program and three consecutive Men’s Programs in Ohio, Texas, and Virginia. It’s a busy time for Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs. All the glory to God!

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