PTSd Awareness Day & Mighty Oaks Approach


Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSd) is a normal reaction to a situation that no human being should have to endure. 

PTSd Awareness Day is set as to remind people to reach out to someone you know who struggles with PTSd. To let them know you care and are there to help.

At Mighty Oaks, we are committed to reducing Veteran suicides through our programs. We know that of the 20 suicides a day that we reported last year, 14 are not under VA care. This is a national public health issue that requires immediate action!

The Mighty Oaks Warrior journey begins with intensive peer based programs that utilize instructional sessions, camaraderie, and team building activities that are designed to challenge our Warriors to overcome their past experiences and move forward into a life of purpose.

Our programs take place all across America on Military Bases, at our Outposts, and on rural ranch lodges. Each facility allows the Warriors to appreciate the peace of nature, and have an “un-plugged” experience while they focus on the challenges they face in completing the program. 

Our Programs

  • Legacy Program For Men
  • Legacy Program For Women
  • Military Resiliency Programs
  • International Resiliency Programs
  • Marriage Advance
  • Aftercare Programs

Your Impact

Every donation directly impacts our Nation’s Warriors. 

Each program is absolutely free of charge for participants.

Your donation covers the cost of travel, lodging, and food.

What Happens at a Program?

A typical day at our Legacy Program begins with colors, raising and saluting our nation’s flag, and breakfast. Each day is filled with a variety of classes, or presentations, on a wide range of topics. And yet, all the topics mesh together like a detailed mosaic to create a total vision of what living with your legacy in mind would look like.

Each presentation has a corresponding “Breakout” session, where Warriors meet in designated teams with a Team Leader/Instructor to unpack the class and make personal, real-world applications. There is also time for a variety of site-specific activities and connection with others.


What Makes Our Programs Unique?

What makes our programs unique is the atmosphere our staff creates. Legacy Programs are safe, confidential, and disarmingly authentic. The course material is not just presented, it’s demonstrated. Instructors open the windows into their own lives with unbridled authenticity and honesty, sharing from personal failures to continued victories.

Military service breeds a high level of connectedness and community – a brotherhood or sisterhood. Mighty Oaks Legacy Programs staff take that level of community and pump it up to new heights. We don’t just say, “Never Fight Alone,” we live it.

Our Legacy Program is truly remarkable and something that must be experienced in order to fully understand. Attending a Legacy Program will challenge your perceptions and could very well change your life.

Our mission continues to move forward as we battle the suicide epidemic that plagues our military and first responder communities.

Without you, none of this would be possible.

Our programs are offered to our Nation’s veterans, active duty, first responders and their spouses all at no-cost to them.


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