The Lord’s hand has been busy at SkyRose Ranch. There is never a dull moment here in Central California. As we move into the summer months we begin to build up to even more exciting events. We continue to host Fight Club for Men, Marriage Advances and now look forward to our Fight Club for Women.
In May, we hosted a Fight Club for Women planning session. Five wives of Fight Club for Men instructors were invited to participate in the planning and organization of the course material. Five days were dedicated to the restructuring and rewriting of the men’s course material in order to communicate to the female Service Members and wives that will be attending. The women came ready to work, but walked away with new levels of healing and restoration. While at the ranch, the ladies shared their stories, fears, regrets, joys and thanks. This is the exact spirit we hope to foster here at SkyRose. Being that it started with the leadership, we are confident that God’s hand will carry that forward to every woman who comes to the ranch in the future. We are so excited as the first Fight Club for Women will take place July 10-14 at SkyRose Ranch.
June 16th will bring us another group of men ready to change their lives. The instructors and staff have begun preparing mentally and spiritually for the arrival of Marines from Camp Pendleton and other Service Members and Veterans from throughout the Nation. Fight Club for Men continues to prove successful in saving men’s lives and restoring families both now and for eternity. These men have made a decision to attend voluntarily, but do not understand how much they will return home with… they will not only move forward in their new walk but will be inspired and equipped to share it with others.
SkyRose continues to not only be a productive working ranch, but a place of healing and life-change. We look forward to the challenges and blessings that are awaiting us today, tomorrow and beyond.
Check out this video of the exciting work happening at with our veterans at SkyRose Ranch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ue9iCvrMmAE

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