The August 2014 Fight Club for Men at SkyRose Ranch was a huge success, both as a program and for each of the individual men attending. We had 18 warriors from around the U.S. in attendance, including Active Duty Marines from Camp Pendleton. The Command at Wounded Warrior Battalion West has continued to support and entrust us with the lives of their Marines. We are so thankful and honored to have the opportunity to host such amazing warriors.

This week was not a standard one. These men came ready and willing to fight. There was some hesitation at first, but walls quickly came down and progress began almost immediately in these men’s lives. Every class, every word spoken by the instructors and staff, touched and impacted the lives of each of these men. God was hard at work!
It wasn’t all work though. We were able to mix a few recreational activities into the week in order to break it up. The Works Family once again hosted us as we went horseback riding in Hog Canyon. We went zip lining over the vines in Santa Margarita with Margarita Adventures. Paragon Brazilian Jiu Jitsu opened their doors to us in order for Chad Robichaux to demonstrate Replacement Conditioning. A day at the beach in Cayucos gave the men time to break away in their teams and work on their individual Fight Plans.

We concluded this transformational week with a graduation ceremony and potluck dinner, which welcomed family, friends, and community members. Memorable Fight Club moments were photographed throughout the week and the supporters embraced the warriors with smiles and praise. Each warrior was presented with a personalized rudis, a wooden sword given to a gladiator when he is freed. Every graduation ceremony concludes with a chance for all in attendance to shake the hands of these brave servicemen as they start their life anew. Arriving broken and searching for answers, these 18 warriors walked away renewed and with a purpose.

After the graduation the Warriors were gathering around the fire, and one of them said with tears in his eyes, “This was the only ‘Welcome Home’ I’ve had.” It was a surprise to us that this was true for all the other Warriors at Fight Club. With the majority of these men being wounded during service, they were sent home independently of the Warriors they fought alongside with. So THANK YOU to all who were able to attend and be such a huge part in welcoming them home, and showing them your appreciation for what they have done for all of us!!!

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