Sean “Buck” Rogers from FNG Academy joins Jeremy Stalnecker for this episode of the Mighty Oaks Show to discuss his new book Rising Above, his upbringing, transition out of the military and so much more.

Sean was raised in Phelan, California. After going through some hard endeavors as just a child, Sean decided to leave home and start a new life away from the childhood trauma and away from everything that weighed him down. Sean joined the military at the age of 21, assigned to a support unit, started a family and later achieved the title of Green Beret. After leaving the service Sean joined the Denver Police Department earning a spot on the Citywide Impact Team. Sean left the department in order to pursue his passion to help others achieve their goals.

In Rising Above, Sean chronicles the toughest battle of his life—the long, painful fight to confront his darkest fears and reclaim his life. After struggling as a young man to accept the raw trauma of his past, he learned eventually to understand and embrace it, ultimately using it to become an elite Special Forces operator.

Learn more about Sean and his book Rising Above here: seanbuckrogers.com/

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