Last week was the first Women’s Legacy Program of 2023. It was also the most interesting weather we have had during a Women’s Program at SkyRose Ranch. We experienced heavy rain, winds, and even a beautiful blanket of snow. As the storms came, we rearrange where needed knowing God’s work would not be deterred by circumstance. 

 Amazing ladies from all over the country walked in feeling anxious or unsure of what to expect.  Each day they intentionally listened, learned, and put in the work to unload the weight they brought with them and find the way to move forward in hope. A hope that is found in relationship with God. A hope that gives us the tools to walk through life’s challenges knowing who we are in Christ. A hope that gives wisdom for moving forward in our relationships.  

 Being in relationship with the creator brings the hope needed to walk through life well. I am excited to see the future for these ladies as they live out their purpose in relationship with God and their new relationships with their Mighty Oaks sisters.

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