By Pete Lawrence 

 This previous week in Texas nearly twenty veterans and first responders arrived from across the United States seeking hope. Men who have been shackled by shame and guilt. We live in a world where culture tells us to “live your truth” and that there are “numerous paths to God”. Yet every session we see that living “our” way fails and leaves us searching out something to fill this void so many men speak of. 

Jesus tells the disciples in John 14:6 that only through him is there salvation and a relationship with God. Your way, my way, and the world’s way will only lead to ruin and death.  

 John 14:6 ESV “Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” 

 On day one in the video “I Am Second,” Mighty Oaks founder Chad Robichaux specifically says that if we leave God out of our plans, we are setting ourselves up for failure. When we look at Legacy Plans (what we want our legacy to be) it is paramount that the number one thing we need to be fighting for is our relationship with God. By aligning ourselves with God and diligently walking in a relationship with him, only then can we be the men that God has called us to be. We try to fill these voids in our lives with stuff, fill our time with fruitless pursuits of temporary joy, and so many numb this abyss with drugs or alcohol. Yet, when we walk out our faith, we find purpose in God’s plan for us. When we submit to God and kill our foolish desires, his eternal joy fills us. Men who were lost, find a new eternal purpose, one that does not shift with the winds of culture but is rooted in the truth of the sovereign Lord. 

 During the week, the men are given the tools to align their lives with God’s will. We are told to walk out and live in the Four Be’s.  

 Be in the Word 

Be in prayer 

Be in fellowship at your local church 

Be in communication with your cornerman 


In a prior life, I was a comm (Communications) Marine. I know the importance of having that one-on-one correspondence. By Being in the Word, God talks to us through his truth. A truth that has not changed in thousands of years. We communicate with God by Being in Prayer. It is time to bring superior firepower and wage war against a culture that has shackled you with shame. Proverbs 24:6 tells us that by “wise guidance” we can wage war: the need-to-know God’s truth. In an “abundance of counselors there is victory” highlights the importance of Being at a strong Christian church and in fellowship. By Being in communication with our cornerman we can see the weak spots in our fight against the enemy and have someone to hold us accountable to our Legacy Plans to ensure we don’t take shortcuts or have flexible standards. 

 Proverbs 24:6 ESV For by wise guidance you can wage your war, and in abundance of counselors there is victory. 

 For many of you, your way led to your poor choices, an empty void you tried to fill with things of the world. So, if it has been a few days or a few months since you attended Mighty Oaks, I am calling you out to “wage war” against our common enemy, to stand in the gap, and to be the man that God called you to be. Align yourself with God and find that time tomorrow morning to be in the word and to be in prayer. Be in His truth and not of this world. In Christ we have hope — hope of restoration and salvation through a relationship with God. A hope rooted in His eternal truth and not that of the world. 

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