Mighty Oaks International Update 

Ukraine Sep 23, 2023

Mighty Oaks International recently completed a highly successful 14-day mission in Ukraine, featuring a team consisting of 2 full-time staff and 2 strategic contractors integral to the organization. The primary objective was to conduct International Chaplain Training, which resulted in the graduation of 25 Ukrainian chaplains and 10 fitness trainers. These dedicated chaplains routinely serve on the front lines, delivering the message of resiliency and hope to soldiers fighting for their nation’s freedom. Additionally, the team supported coaches who provided physical therapy to soldiers while introducing them to the Gospel. During our training sessions, a wide range of crucial topics were covered, including suicide prevention, the importance of brotherhood and discipline, addressing the truth about PTSD, recognizing our common enemy, learning how to be a warrior in Christ, and understanding one’s purpose. In addition to these vital subjects, each instructor also shared their personal testimony, providing valuable insights and inspiration to the participants.

This mission marked the inaugural collaboration between Mighty Oaks International and Sports Catalyst, significantly expanding the reach and influence in the training and equipping of chaplains and coaches. Much like the National Legacy Program, this mission revealed that many chaplains and coaches were initially burdened by pain and grief but experienced a transformation, culminating in shared joy and unity by the end of the training.

As Christians, our focus is on delivering the Gospel message to the soldiers and civilians of Ukraine, recognizing their profound need for spiritual guidance and support. In our mission, we set aside political considerations and firmly adhere to the principle outlined in Mark 16:15, which states, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.”The people of Ukraine are engaged in an ongoing struggle, both spiritually and physically, as they confront the challenges of everyday life in a conflict-ridden region. It is our firm belief that it is of utmost importance to extend the love of Christ to them, offering solace and hope in the midst of their battles. 

The commitment to our work in Ukraine extends far beyond the current conflict, recognizing that the need for support and guidance will persist long after the war concludes. Mighty Oaks International remains dedicated to maintaining a sustained presence in Ukraine, with a primary focus on training and equipping chaplains to effectively minister to their military personnel. By doing so, we aim to prevent Ukrainian service members from encountering the same emotional and spiritual challenges that many US service members and first responders often face. Our long-term presence in Ukraine underscores our unwavering commitment to nurturing the well-being of those who serve and ensuring they receive the spiritual support necessary for their continued resilience and strength.

Mighty Oaks International is actively preparing for future missions to Ukraine, with the goal of extending the reach to more chaplains and providing them with the necessary training to carry out the Mighty Oaks International mission in regions that may be challenging to access otherwise. Indeed, this ongoing commitment reaffirms Mighty Oaks International’s unwavering dedication to expanding the impact and providing essential support to those in need within Ukraine.





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