Friends and Supporters,
As we approach the end of the year, it is exciting to reflect on some of the amazing accomplishments of how we have been able to serve our Veterans and active Warriors in 2016. We will close the year having run 24 of our Legacy Programs at our ranches and have reached tens of thousands of active duty through our Spiritual Resiliency Programs on bases nationwide. This has all been made possible by your continued support and believing in the call God has put on Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs to reach our Military Warriors and Families.
Over the last two months I am sure you have noticed that we really focused on raising funds for our Sponsor A Warrior Campaign to scholarship warriors and get them off of our waiting list. The $1,000 scholarships are 100% allocated to the Warriors attendance to a program. When we started, there were approximately 140 Warriors on our waiting list. However, after the last newsletter I was very happy to have our team pause the fundraising efforts to recognize that we have met that goal!
With scholarship donations over the past 2 months and the 6th Annual MOWP Gala in Texas we have raised the $140,000 needed for our scholarship fund and allocated it to getting these Warriors slotted into programs. We praise God for His continued provision and thank each of you for your trust in Mighty Oaks and your faithfulness to His work.
While this doesn’t end our fundraising efforts, I believe this is a time for us to all pause, celebrate, thank God, and also thank you for continuing to believe in us and make it possible.
Make no mistake… there is plenty of work to be done until the number “22” is “0” and we will not stop until every Warrior who struggles is back in the fight to be the Warrior and Leader God created them to be. In 2017 we have 27 programs scheduled and will increase our efforts on military bases around the nation with Spiritual Resiliency Programs. With every graduate we produce we see new applications and by 2020 we project to have over 5,000 Mighty Oaks Alumni planted around the nation leading in their homes, churches, communities and in this nation.
Being part of Mighty Oaks has been the greatest privilege of my life, and while we all get to play a big part in the miracles that happen at each of our programs it is our staff who is privileged to personally witness those miracles when God brings dry bones back to life and ignites passion and purpose back into the hearts and souls of our heroes. We appreciate you standing shoulder to shoulder with us and we will continue to share these stories of life transformation in our newsletters and on social media so that you can see the real-life impact that your support and prayers are making.
YOU are an integral part of Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs and I pray this news brings you joy and encouragement to know we will reach 140 more Warriors and continue the work God called us to do.
Electronic Signature
Chad Robichaux
Founder and CEO

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