In the Book of First Timothy the Apostle Paul began by declaring how thankful he was that God had chosen to put him into the ministry.  It is easy as we look at his life to see that ministry for him was not a job, but something that he truly felt called to.  As he traveled the world he did his best to teach and encourage others to live the lives that God had created them to live.  Those of us who have the privilege of being a part of Mighty Oaks also consider it a gift from God to be able to invest our lives ministering to others.  What an honor to be able to teach and encourage others to live the lives that God has called them to! The month of June presented some incredible opportunities for our team to fulfill the call to minister.  In addition to two separate fight club programs we were able to minister to people in churches across our state.  How thankful we are that God would choose us to be a part of His amazing work!
Here are some of the highlights from the month:

  1. The month started off with another incredible Men’s Fight Club. With twenty new students, three returning students and instructor staff, we once again had a front row seat to the healing work of God. Men from places across our nation came to SkyRose Ranch hopeless and broken and had the opportunity to move beyond those things that have happened to them so that they can become the men that they were created to be!  A few days after the Men’s Fight Club had ended it was encouraging to see a Facebook picture that had two men from a program at the beginning of the year, a graduate of the most recent Fight Club and a veteran who will be coming to the next program all spending time together in Virginia. These men met because of the program and are now standing alongside each other in life!
  2. Five men from our team had the opportunity to speak at the Agape Church Men’s Retreat in San Luis Obispo.  During the two days of the retreat the team was able to give their testimonies and speak on topics such as legacy, character, and the reason that men need to fight.  They were able to encourage this church and its men and challenge them from their own lives to, “Reject passivity, accept responsibility, and lead courageously” in their families and community.
  3. Our third Women’s Fight Club was held at SkyRose Ranch with fifteen new ladies, one returning and instructor staff all in attendance.  During this amazing week the ladies had the opportunity to develop lasting friendships as they discussed the attributes of a godly woman.  As folks from our community gathered to attend graduation, the ladies gave testimony of the changes that they had experienced in just a few days.  They shared stories of faith, hope and healing found in a relationship with Christ.  What an amazing privilege to encourage these ladies to be the women that God has created them to be!
  4. In addition to the many opportunities that our team had to present the work of Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs over the course of the month, we were able to minister to the following church congregations:

Chad Robichaux challenged the members of Church of the Woods in Lake Arrowhead CA to move forward in their lives and families.
Jonny Benton encouraged the attendees of the Honor America celebration hosted by Christian Heights Church in Sonora CA to embrace the freedom found in Christ. Jeremy Stalnecker challenged Coastline Baptist Church in Oceanside CA during their All American Sunday to leave a worthwhile legacy for the next generation.

Thank you once again for your support as we continue the work of reaching the hopeless and brokenhearted with the hope giving Good News of Jesus!  We could never minister to the hundreds of folks that we are able to reach each month if it were not for your prayers and financial support.  What a blessing that God would allow us to partner together to do such an amazing work!

Jeremy Stalnecker Executive Director, Veterans Affairs – Mighty Oaks Foundation

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