By Jamie Warner,

September hosted a Women’s Legacy Program in Ohio, a First Responders Program in Texas, and two Men’s Legacy Programs, one in California and one in Virginia. We who work for Mighty Oaks Foundation are all too familiar with the life transformation that is possible through surrendering oneself to Jesus and aligning your life to the life in which we are created to live.

There is so much power in hearing a person’s story of redemption and transformation, that we asked Jake Della Pia, who attended the Legacy Program in Haymarket, Virginia, and would be honored to share his with you. 

Jake, what were your thoughts prior to attending the Men’s Legacy Program? 

“I was excited but scared. The night before I left, I called my parents saying I didn’t want to go. I then drank from my house all the way to the airport in Washington, DC. I said to myself, give Mighty Oaks a try and if it doesn’t do anything then come home and commit suicide.” 

What are your thoughts or reactions to how the session went for you? 

“I thought I was alone. I thought I was the only guy going through substance abuse and thoughts of suicide. I soon discovered, the first day, that I was among good company. I thought all the lessons were created specifically for me. I finally could put names to some of the issues I was dealing with and how to deal with them.

“The first two days I cried my eyes out. I watched a video of a widow talking about her deceased husband killing himself because he felt like a burden to his family. All I saw was me in that story. That dude was me, I imagined. I felt the same way. I cried for two straight hours. But now, I know those thoughts are lies. I am more than drugs and alcohol. My past doesn’t define me.” 


Moving forward, what are your plans or purpose? 

“I’ve created a Legacy Plan for continued success. I have multiple cornermen identified. I have a plan in place and resources to combat substance abuse. I recommitted my life to making Him Lord of my life. I will leave a legacy my daughter can be proud of.” 

Any final thoughts? 

“This place stopped my downward spiral. It has saved my life. I’ve been baptized an commit my life to walking my path with God. I know that I will have trials and tribulations again, but because of God and Mighty Oaks, I have the tools to live abundantly.  

“All I can say is ‘Thank you.’ This saved my life.” 

And all we at MOF can say is, Amen! And thank you, Lord, for this and all of the thousands of stories of restoration and transformation You have written! And thank you to all of you who so tirelessly pray, give, and support Mighty Oaks in so many ways. We could not do it without you (nor would we want to)! 





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