By Denise Villahermosa – 
In February, women from all over the USA – military spouses, first responder spouses, and veterans -traveled to Sky Rose Ranch in San Luis Obispo, CA to attend the first Mighty Oaks Women’s Legacy Program of 2018. Many came to the program at the request of someone else, some came on their own accord, but all had one thing in common…they were looking for answers to a common thread that was affecting their lives – “PTSD”. The women were greeted by thousands of acres of rolling hills and beautiful mountains, the open blue sky by day and the quiet star- ridden sky at night. Everything had been meticulously planned and prepared for their stay – from the menu to the toiletries on hand -so that, if in the rush of packing something was forgotten like I did (my toothbrush) – there were plenty available. The staff at the Women’s Legacy Program wanted to make sure these women would have nothing to worry about or distract them from making the decisions necessary to get on the path of moving forward in life.
From the daily classes as well as the breakout sessions, the handiwork of God could be seen. Layers of hurt and

disappointments were peeled back one layer at a time, much as if peeling an onion. As the week progressed the women were equipped to be more than conquerors, to fight for their home and marriage using the Bible, God’s manual, as the guideline. Resentment and bitterness became a thing of the past as they stepped into greatness and the life that God had purposely designed for them. Friendships and a sisterhood that will last a lifetime were formed as everyone came to an understanding that they were not alone in the journey.
The women that attended the Legacy Program may have walked onto Sky Rose Ranch on February 7 a victim but, on Sunday February 11, they walked out victorious – a champion with head held high as they stepped into the shoes of the woman God created them to be .

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