By Kevin Schroeder – 
The Wilds is a private, non-profit conservation center located on almost 10,000 acres of reclaimed mining land in rural southeastern Ohio. The Wilds is situated along some of the most beautiful rolling green hills Ohio has to offer. The mining pits were long ago converted into beautiful lakes that inundate this beautiful land. Straker Lake is one lake located here and is surrounded by a beautiful lodge and seven cabins.
Eleven warriors from various corners of the nation converged on Straker lake for the September MOWP Men’s Legacy Program. It is an honor to lock arms with veterans at every session that have served the armed forces in some capacity. These men were well trained to serve in their respective military occupational specialties and did so with unwavering determination. These warriors faced a different kind of battle during this Men’s Legacy Program. They came face to face with some pretty significant personal struggles. Some of these struggles stem from combat related issues, childhood issues, and just the tough issues of life, period.
Mighty Oaks staff taught classes and led breakout groups that covered topics such as purity, discipline, brotherhood, margin, marriage, legacy, PTSd and much more. These classes present Biblical solutions that are applicable to every area of life. During the breakout sessions these warriors open up and truly wrestle with practical ways to implement these Biblical concepts.
These warriors were also able to take time out to fish and tour the Wilds. On Friday, many from the surrounding communities and family gathered to celebrate the victories of the week at graduation. This was yet another week where some of our nation’s warriors gathered to align their lives with the life God intended for them to live. These warriors left with heads held high and a new determination to be just such men.

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