By Jeremy Stalnecker
Perhaps the thing that most strongly qualifies me to write a book like Leadership by Design, is having the enormous privilege of being a part of the Mighty Oaks Foundation and the Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs.  I have served within the organization in several capacities and now am blessed to serve as Executive Director of this ministry.  Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs exists to help the men and women who have served, or are currently serving, our country to re-engage with life outside the military so that they can live in alignment with who they were created to be.
What is amazing about this, at least from my perspective, is that unlike many other areas in our society, one of the things that  each of these men and women have in common is that they have all been taught leadership and, to one capacity or another, been the one leading!  We are working to take broken leaders and get them back into the game.  To provide a framework around which those who have been warriors and leaders in another life can embrace once again the purpose for which they were created.  And with thousands of students completing our programs and tens of thousands participating in our ongoing resiliency events, we have had the opportunity again and again to watch this happen.  It is my firmly held belief based largely
on observing broken men and women who turn the mess of their lives into a message that allows them to align to their purpose, that we have all been created to lead! Those that are not have simply lost their way or have
never been challenged to accept a life that is bigger than simply getting by.  Leadership will look different for everyone.  Some will lead themselves well and others will lead companies and countries. The “what” is not so important. It is living within the framework of your design that makes all the difference.
Leadership by Design was written to challenge definitions of leadership that are tied to a job description or personality type but miss the philosophy that moves the leader forward when those things change. We don’t do leadership; we are leaders!  We were created to make a difference in the lives of those around us regardless of occupation or temperament by living to take them from where they are to where they need to be.
If you are not leading according to your unique talents, abilities, and opportunities, you are not living the life that you were designed to live. It’s time to get up and begin moving forward.
It is time to understand Leadership by Design!
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