US Army Lt. Colonel (Ret.) Allen West has been a key support for us this year.  He was the keynote speaker at a fundraiser for Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs earlier this year and has followed up with words of encouragement and endorsements for our non-profit ministry.  After reading our founder, Chad Robichaux’s, new book, An Unfair Advantage to be released July 4th, West wrote the following endorsement.

Our American warriors are the best the world has ever known; their commitment to being the Guardians of our Republic
is exceptional. However, there are times when these men and women are in need of support. An Unfair Advantage is the personal story of one Warrior, U.S. Marine Corps Special Operator and Force Reconnaissance member, Chad Robichaux. Chad is the pure embodiment of a modern-day Spartan, and he has the résumé to prove it, from the battlefields of Afghanistan to the ring of combat as a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) champion. However, the outward Warrior hid an inner pain, a hurt that could not be filled with the prescriptions of the secular world. Chad tried worldly means to heal himself from Post Traumatic Stress and failed. This walking man of steel was being weakened by the kryptonite that almost ended his marriage and his life. Then Chad found the real antidote, the power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with whom we can do all things. Chad’s victory led him to establish the Mighty Oaks Warrior Foundation which heals Warriors with the blessings of allowing Jesus Christ into their lives, and they have not lost a Warrior. An Unfair Advantage is a must-read to give evidence of the real battle, the unseen enemy our troops face. Yet, regardless, it gives witness that the full armor of God is the best means by which our Warriors can win on the spiritual battlefield. It is not about another policy, just trusting in a Savior who has overcome it all (John 16:33).
—Allen B. West, Member of the 112th U.S. Congress
US Army Lt. Colonel (Ret.), Iraq veteran and Bronze Star recipient, Author, Fox News contributor, Senior Fellow at the London Center for Policy Research
Thank you, US Army Lt. Colonel (Ret.) Allen West for your support.

An Unfair Advantage Releases Soon! Learn more: https://mighty-oaks-store.myshopify.com/products/an-unfair-advantage

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