January is the time of resolve. “New Year’s Resolution” has become a loaded phrase. For many, it’s a saying that triggers anxiety over failed attempts to improve themselves. It’s a reminder of weak-willed determination to change habits and make positive changes. I mean, why do we even wait for January to make long overdue improvements that should have been started months or years ago? Yet, it’s a “thing” because so many use the new year to set new goals and try to establish new routines. It is a time looked forward to with anticipation for turning over a new leaf, beginning a new chapter, or even creating a new you. I guess it’s because of the perceived “reset” that takes place. After all, in one way, our calendar resets. January 1st gives us a clear starting point for tracking progress.

What is it about an idea that is meant to produce lasting positive change in our lives that can cause so much fear and disappointment? Sometimes the goals we set are just too lofty; we bite off more than we can chew and so falling short or complete failure are all but guaranteed. Instead of looking at the task through a lens that allows us the proper perspective, we want instant results with minimal effort. It’s the American Way! But year after year, we make a list, and brainstorm goals, and we set resolutions in hopes that something will stick, and we will attempt to make those much-needed improvements to our lives.

Last week became that reset point for the first 17 Warriors of 2020 to attend a Mighty Oaks Legacy Program. None of the 17 came to the Men’s Legacy Program with “New Year’s Resolution” on their mind, but they did attend because of strong desire, maybe even a need to change. They all were at a point where what they had been doing just wasn’t working anymore, if it had ever really worked, and it was time to try something different.

During their week at SkyRose Ranch in sunny San Miguel, California, these men went through intense self-examination and introspection. They confronted the issues and past events that had held them captive and prevented them from moving toward their full potential. They were presented with Truth about how they were designed to live by the Creator who wants only the best for them. All of the trauma and hurt and heart ache they have experienced in life and in service to America had turned their hearts hard and bitter, hearts divided between caring and disconnecting, loving and hating, living and just existing. But the Truth of what God wants for them, and all of us, changed their hearts, and like it says in Ezekiel 11:19,

“Then I will give them one heart, and I will put a new spirit within them, and take the stony heart out of their flesh, and give them a heart of flesh…”

Aligning their lives with God’s design didn’t help them make a couple resolutions that will cause them to temporarily feel good about themselves, aligning with Christ revolutionizes our hearts and causes us to break the chains of bondage and experience true, lasting freedom, enabling us to reach back and help the next guy. It’s revolting against our selfish desires and resolving to be servant leaders. Living others-centered lives creates lasting purpose and restorative hope.

So, for Mighty Oaks, our 2020 New Year’s Resolution is to make this another year of Legacy ReVolutions! Join us as we continue our quest to Save Lives, Restore Families, and Change Legacies across this great nation.

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Our intensive peer-to-peer programs serve as the catalyst to assist our Nation’s Warriors in discovering the answers to the big questions in life, dealing with challenges related to the struggles of daily military life, combat deployments and the symptoms of post-traumatic stress (PTS). Our programs are available at NO COST to our honored service men & women, held at beautiful locations across the US.

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