By Bobby Pulley – Recent Legacy Program Graduate

Thank you! Thank you for your service also! I also want to especially thank Mr. John Foldberg for his steadfast exemplified leadership! The principles I learned at the Mighty Oaks Legacy Program in Ohio are still running through my veins.

I struggle, I get back up!

Jesus got up every time he went down, while carrying the cross to his known resurrection! If my savior carried that burden, I can carry the weight of mine! I am truly grateful for the experience the program has given me, and the hope it provided me to see that existed in my life! I am a walking, living, and serving example of God’s word!  I can never repay the debt I owe to the program, but I will serve the rest of my life trying!  As a veteran, I realize something I didn’t know before! We serve!  Serving others is the Biblical principles we created to have! The Mighty Men at the Oaks during my stay did more than they could ever imagine! I testify about my experience, and often do things in the form of volunteering that I didn’t previously have the courage! I thought something was wrong with me, and learned that week that I am exactly the man God wanted me to be! The program turned a few bolts here, tighten some loose ends there, and a finish product drove off the blessed grounds in Ohio! 

Mr. Foldberg, and Gabe became living parts of the Bible to me that week!

They didn’t know that the impression they left on my life fueled something waiting to come out for a long time! I am grateful to all the team leadership I had the privilege to serve with that week. I didn’t know that I was gonna get what I got that week! My marriage, my life, and my future was given back to me! I didn’t know the depths I was in until it was forced out during the sessions! The Bible has all the books God intended for mankind, but if I could ask Him to add something prior to the book of Revelations it would be the Mighty Oaks Warrior! Near the end allot of my brothers was expressing that week, but we continue to turn pages back, read more, and more, and more! I pray that all those that have any affiliation with this program and their families remain safe, well, and covered by the precious blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!!!!!!!!!

Love Ya Always!!!!!!! 

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