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The Unseen Enemy

By John Mizerak –
When tragedies like the recent Florida school shooting occur in our world we as a society want to “legislate” a fix in order to regain control.  In essence, we’re saying that more laws will enact the needed changes.  Sadly, this strategy has made little impact.  Finding the true answers force us to look beyond our own security measures.

“Security is only a response to what is broken!”

Where change really needs to happen is in each individual and then in each family and community.  The radical change in our society starts with us; each individual.
You may ask… Why is our society headed down such a deviant path?  The answer starts with our own rebellious nature.  There is a very real force that lurks in our world.  That force is called the DEVIL!  The Devil is very real.  In fact, he’s as real today as he was in the Garden of Eden when he tempted Adam and Eve.  That may sound like a fairy tale to many people, but it’s the Truth!  He is here to tempt us toward rebellion.  He wants us to rebel against God’s standards for mankind.  The Devil’s desire is and always has been to undermine and breakdown the image of God and he does so with chaos, confusion and corruption!  His plan is to move us further away from God, so our world continues to become more chaotic and broken.  This is the definition of a spiritual battle!
We all need to turn away from the lure of the Devil and turn our hearts toward God.  If we use the Gospel as our compass toward good and away from evil, God will make us the Warriors we were meant to be.  Once we make that shift, our world will follow.

“Control what you can control and influence those people in your life to do the right thing.”

The solution is in YOU.  Our culture’s “overhaul” starts with you.  Are YOU ready to be a change agent for God?

Chad was also on the Glenn Beck’s Podcast on February 27th talking about this same topic.
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“The Mighty Oaks Foundation is truly a miracle organization! …They are changing lives!…It is remarkable, and a little unconventional because…You are allowed to say the name Jesus!” – Glenn Beck


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