Mona is 12 years old from Houston Tx. She is 1 of 10 Children and has had Alopecia Areata since she was 8 Years old. When she was First diagnosed, She and her Family had never heard of alopecia before. Her first year with Alopecia was very difficult. With a Strong Family Foundation and the Help of some other Alopecians, Living with Alopecia became easier to cope with. However living with this disease is life changing. She wears a wig to School and many do not know that she has Alopecia. She is also a very active martial artist , training in both Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo. She is a sponsored athlete, and competes around the country. She holds many Championship Titles in her Sport.
Many know her as Mona, Some know her as the Alopecian Jiu Jitsu Girl.
Visit her site at https://www.baldstrongmonafoundation.org/

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