Learning to live with purpose begins with figuring out your purpose statement.

It’s an ongoing process that takes time and study. It requires us to spend time with God and Scripture, and it demands that we think, pray, soul-search, and journal about the things we discover.


We begin with the understanding that we are sons of God. We are forgiven, favored, righteous, chosen, empowered, and loved.

We are designed to live in relationship with God and to spread kingdom influence to the people around us.

We must allow the Holy Spirit to renew our minds and grow us into mature followers of Jesus.

And then, we are to do the work of Jesus. We are to allow love to drive our choices and our actions. We are to bear good fruit by creating, serving, discovering, learning, protecting, and leading.


As you’re considering your life’s purpose statement, do a personal inventory of your life and the things that are important to you.

  1. Legacy

Consider the kind of legacy you hope to leave behind. Determine how you want to impact your wife, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and siblings. Decide how you want to influence your friends, colleagues, community, church, nation, and world.

Aim to live your life with that vision in mind. Once you’ve identified the things you want to accomplish, you’ll have an easier time determining which priorities make sense for your life.

  1. Resources

Begin by listing at least five of the values that are most important to you.

Identify your gifts, talents, interests, resources, and passions. Thoughtfully consider the events in your life that have transformed you into a better, stronger, more resilient person, and determine how you can share those things with the people around you.

Who are the people you feel most compelled to partner with?


Compile all the information you’ve gathered and begin writing.

Shoot to write a couple of sentences, or even a full paragraph if it’s necessary, that accurately summarizes all the discoveries you’ve made.

Consider these prompts to start:

  • My purpose is to bring heaven to earth by…
  • I want to help transform people’s lives by…
  • Successfully fulfilling my purpose in life looks like…
  • I can best represent the Father by…

Ultimately, you’ll work to distill your purpose statement into a single sentence that guides your decisions, your priorities, and your commitments.

The men of Junto Tribe understand the importance of living with purpose, and we’re walking the same path of discovery. `We’ll use our purpose to set goals and make decisions and live lives that matter.

Are you ready to walk with us and discover your purpose?

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