From Hopelessness to Determination | By, Heidi Andela

What an incredible week of determination!

As the ladies arrived at the WLP in San Miguel last week, you could see smiles on their faces; but the sadness in their eyes and their body language told a different story. While the outside showed a smile, it was very evident the sense of despair they felt, the hopelessness that gripped them, the guilt they carried, and the fear they had of what the week was going to bring.


As the week progressed, you could hear the hopelessness in their voice turn to determination.

Instead of guilt, there was a renewed sense of urgency to fight for what is rightfully theirs. They were facing their fears and using them to fuel their new fire of determination! For some, it was determination to save their marriage by breaking down walls that had been built. Others simply needed to know the truth – that they are not alone and that there is a God who loves them and is walking right beside of them. They needed to embrace the truth of being His masterpiece!


The last day of the program (one of my favorite days), the sound of victories won was heard throughout the courtyard as women filled it with laughter and joy. There was a rejuvenated and hopeful sparkle in each of their eyes. They came with despair but they left with a new sense of confidence to overcome their battles and a bonus of lifelong friendships that were forged through battles they faced together. A true bond like no other.


“Who can find a virtuous woman, for her price is far above rubies.” Proverbs 31:10


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