By Chad Garcia – 

My life was changed over the course of 4 days. I wasn’t going to come here. I almost turned around half way up.
But I was tired of living in a cycle of anger, hate, sadness, and pain. The past 8 weeks have unearthed feelings and thoughts that I buried. These thoughts threatened my sobriety and sanity.
This program did what I thought could NEVER be done: Show me the path to TRUE happiness.
I mean it when I say that I am alive again. I’m more alive than I have ever been.
My wife and children will FINALLY have the husband and father that they deserve in their lives.
No more walking around accepting that fact that I am limited and have to live with the “reality” that I have PTSD.

I am NOT a victim and I am NOT weak.

I am a proven warrior on the battlefield and have led men in combat against the enemies of the United States.
As of today, I have Post Traumatic GROWTH and will lead my hurting brothers and sisters in combat against the the belief that tells them to believe that they are victims and “dysfunctional.”
I will fight day and night for suicide prevention and strive to properly and safely help those who feel hopeless and lost.
And my friends…..I’ve saved the best part for last:
For 6 years, I’ve denied God. Hated him. Cursed him. Called him every name in the book. Blamed him for the loss of my soldier / friend in Afghanistan and ESPECIALLY for my mother’s suicide.
I burned my crosses and bibles.
No more.
As of today, I will follow in my mother’s footsteps by honoring her spirit and giving thanks to the true source of love and happiness.

From now on, I walk with God.

I’m back.
No Man Walks Alone
Thank you to the staff and warriors at Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs. You did what was thought impossible.

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