We give you an inside look at how our program restores the lives of our Warriors and Veterans.  Our six-day Resiliency and Combat Trauma Reintegration program utilizes a unique non-clinical methodology that is successful in equipping Warriors to face and recover from the rigors associated with combat and military service – such as PTS. The program teaches men how to fight through challenges that stifle personal success through intensive peer-based instruction in a confidential and open environment. The camaraderie participants experience in the various recreational activities triggers growth and recovery within the men. By discovering the truth about discipline, brotherhood, legacy, courage, honor, faith and family, men develop authentic character and learn to live a life of leadership. The men who complete this program will have the skills and accountability to calibrate their lives to be the Warriors and leaders they were born to be, in order to not only overcome their own challenges but to lead others to do the same.

We think it’s important to show you fruit of our ministry.  We have just celebrated our 1000th graduate, thanks be to God and our supporters like you!  You may wonder what a Fight Club Program looks like so we wanted to give you an inside look at some of the highlights from the summer of 2016.
BELOW:  Leadership Training attendee, Luis Rivera, is kicking off this week’s Men’s Fight Club with his “Fighting For Life” testimony.

BELOW:  Important Fight Club lesson- Unforgiveness is the unwillingness to work on resolving an offense done to us, or a hurt received by us, as a result of someone else. An unwillingness to forgive is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die.

BELOW:  Reconnecting with the brotherhood and building community is always part of the experience.  Trail riding at the Work Ranch.

BELOW:  We start the day right with morning prayer, saluting our flag and a daily challenge.

Our very favorite part of the week is our graduation ceremony.  NO MAN FIGHTS ALONE.

WE CURRENTLY HAVE 137 WARRIORS WAITING TO ENTER OUR PROGRAM.  All they are waiting on, is scholarships.
We offer a full scholarship to all of our program attendees.  Our vision is to provide restoration and hope to the men and women who have selflessly given so much of themselves in service to our country.  Will you donate today?

Although Mighty Oaks has never lost a program participant to suicide, sadly, we have lost Warriors who were on our waiting list.
Be a part of the restoration story of one of our warriors.

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