By John Foldberg –

Zip-lining, Capsizing Canoes, and Breaking Chains: All in Week’s Work at Legacy Program for Men

It was a great week during the June Legacy Program at The Wilds in Ohio.  We had 12 men come to the Program. They had an opportunity to hear how Jesus has worked in the lives of our Team Leaders and changed their lives in dramatic ways.  It was amazing to see these 12 men confront the struggles in their lives, discover how they can be released from the chains that have bound them and become free through a relationship with Christ.  The Team Leaders showed, by sharing their stories, where they were before coming to Mighty Oaks and learning about Christ.  Their stories reflected how we’re all works in progress as we each walk this path called a Christian life.
Some of the highlights were the Legacy class that Kevin Schroeder gave Wednesday evening.  This Legacy class pointed them to the need to change their current path that has been painful to themselves and others.  But it also pointed to how their personal Legacy can be changed for all of eternity.  Kevin’s presentation of the Gospel was clear and concise, pointing us all to the Truth and Hope found in Christ.
The week also had some new firsts: the group went zip-lining across the park and had a great time.  No one fell into the lion and jackal containment area. (Just kidding, there were no lions…) And it seemed like fishing season was open.  There were many fish of all sizes caught and released.  We did have one small mishap that gave team members an opportunity to practice man overboard drills.  However, we will leave the Program Manager unnamed who capsized his canoe and causing his canoeing partner to also go in the drink.  Fortunately, they were able to wade ashore, empty the canoe and return to safety.  They did NOT earn their scouting merit badge in canoeing.   Another highlight was the safari through the preserve.  Petting the rhino and seeing a newborn camel were also highlights.
All-in-all, it was an incredible week of fellowship and discipleship, learning new ways of living life and being in an eternal relationship with Christ.  The final charge to the students encouraged them to stay in the fight, to restore broken relationships, and to live their lives in such a way as to reflect the new Legacy they had been given.

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