by Jamie Warner –

The second Women’s Legacy Program of the year is just around the corner, so I thought it fitting to look back at the start of the year as we prepare to host the next group of Lady Warriors.
February marked the beginning of the Mighty Oaks Women’s Legacy Program season for 2018. This year, we scheduled Women’s programs for the months of February, April, and September. And if February’s Program is any indication of what’s to come, we will have a tremendous year.
The kick-off Program was a busy week for our Lady Leadership team as they had twelve staff and facilitators pouring into three leaders-in-training and twenty-four first-time attendees. Not all of the women were military spouses; many are veterans. It was a full house at SkyRose Ranch in San Miguel, California.
As the women settled in at the ranch and the groups began to meet, the leaders immediately began to hear comments like, “I felt an overwhelming peace the moment I stepped onto the property” and “I feel like I’ve known everyone in my group for much longer than a few hours.” The camaraderie and fellowship that was felt helped to bring down walls of insecurity and hesitation; this group was receptive to the process.
The women who attend the Women’s Legacy Program come from all backgrounds and walks of life and bring a vast knowledge and wealth of experience to the week. As Group Facilitator Shannon Morrell put it, “The women in attendance were open and seemed to be ready to gain the tools they needed to bring home in order to keep moving forward as healthy women in their own life dynamic.” And Iris Estrada added, “I witnessed a lot of “Ah-ha” moments once the ladies realized this program was for them and their own growth. Many come with the goal of wanting to “fix” or understand their spouse.”
But really, the purpose behind the Program is to help them all grow into who they were created to be: A Virtuous Woman. This is accomplished through targeting key areas of their life using the Biblical blueprint of womanhood. When first we align our own lives to this model, the task of rebuilding and restoring relationships becomes less daunting and more successful. This model helps develop women who live the Women’s Legacy Program’s mantra of Selfless, Honorable, and Elegant.

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