By Mike Sanders –

Men, the Power of God, and Overcoming Darkness

The Israelites were afraid.
In Chapter 8 of 1 Samuel, the Bible tells that the Philistines and other nations posed a constant threat of war to God’s people. Though God had appointed judges to protect the nation of Israel, the people were still afraid, so they asked for a king.
The people already had a king in God, but they failed to trust Him. And though God warned the people of the dangers of a king, the people insisted, so God anointed Saul as the first king of Israel.
But Saul was afraid.
On the day he was to be introduced as king, Saul hid from his responsibility. When the giant Goliath threatened his army and his people, Saul hid behind his army for 40 days. When Goliath demanded to fight Israel’s best warrior, Saul allowed a 16-year-old shepherd to go in his place.
Young David, who arrived at the battlefield to visit his brothers, saw the standoff between God’s army and the giant and he volunteered to fight Goliath.
David was not afraid.
David knew that the Lord would go with him into battle. David knew that this giant should not be allowed to taunt the army of God.
David stepped confidently into his role as protector and defender and he sacrificed his own safety to protect the people around him. David accomplished what an entire army could not.
The Last Adam did the same.
Jesus came to earth to protect his people. He sought those who were suffering and those who were oppressed, and He sacrificed His own comfort and well-being for theirs.
Most importantly, He sacrificed His own life for all of His people.
Jesus wasn’t immune to danger or darkness; He simply valued His people more than Himself. He refused to subject Himself to fear.
Both David and Jesus understood that the power of the Father within them was greater than any danger they might face.
Though it never guaranteed their safety, it gave them strength to be obedient to the mission God had called them to.
Understand that fear is a normal human experience, but it causes us to lose our perspective when we allow it to operate unchecked.
Fear of other nations caused the Israelites to reject God. Fear of God’s anointing caused Saul to refuse his mission. Fear undermined the Israelites’ relationship with God, and it undermined Saul’s relationship with God.
Fear does the same to us. It convinces us to withdraw from the battlefield. It prompts us to hide from God.
We, like Saul, often allow fear to divert us from the work God put us here to do. We hide from our responsibility. We protect ourselves rather than protecting the people who so desperately need our strength.
Fear causes us to lose sight of the power of God within us.
·      Do you fully understand the work God put you here to do?
·      What fears have prevented you from doing that work?
·      Who needs you to step into the battlefield on their behalf?

“Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rules, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”
Ephesians 6:12

The men of Junto Tribe pray daily that a generation of men will rise up as defenders and watchmen. We pray for men who won’t be bound by their past mistakes, but who will seek God’s forgiveness and pursue His mission.
We seek men who will love and pray. Stand and defend. Take the land back.

How different would your life look if you fully understood the power of God within you?


Junto Tribe Ministries was birthed out of Mike’s crisis of identity—a crisis that came just when he thought he had “arrived” in his career as a strength and conditioning coach.

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