A note from The Layton Family, who won tickets to Winterfest at Liberty University.
My wife, six children and I were ecstatic to find out we had been chosen by Mighty Oaks to attend Liberty University’s Winterfest–it was the perfect gift that we otherwise were unable to financially afford.  The two days were filled, as we had the opportunity to go tubing at Snowflex, ice skating at the Lahaye Center and rock climbing at the gym.  This blessing made for an excellent Christmas gift to our children.  Furthermore, as if these activities were not enough, we were blessed to meet the Mighty Oaks team members (to include Chad and Kathy Robichaux), and attend the concerts, spanning two nights, that were filled with a solid lineup of faith-filled and awesome artists that included Crowder, and Skillet.

The ministry is a huge asset that I plan to use when I become a military chaplain.

Having 13 years on Active Duty, it is promising to see the military correcting problems at the source of the issue, by sending personnel to your program. I look forward to seeing more people become aware of your ministry and reversing their situations with the saving faith and love of our Lord Jesus Christ!

It is undeniable to see that hand of God on Mighty Oaks, to include the fruit you all are producing.

Blessings In Christ,
Brian, Cassie, Jordyn, Jaylee, Jarah, Judah, Jacob and Jessie Layton

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