A note from The Griffith Family, who won tickets to Winterfest at Liberty University.
It was so great meeting you guys at Liberty’s Winterfest event. Our family never wins anything, and having this opportunity was amazing. This trip meant the world to our family because things have been rough for us financially, and my husband having doubt in accepting he would be accepted by God and be able to go to Heaven was getting to be overwhelming. He felt like since he went to war and did the job he was sent over to do, he wasn’t good enough for God’s love.

On Christmas Eve, my husband and 10 year old son accepted Christ as their saviors, and following we got to go on this trip. It sealed the deal for my husband listening to Chad talk about his similar experiences, and my husband is a different person.

We have started on the Marriage Advance book together, and my son loved the rapper at the event. We would never have been able to do an event like this if it wasn’t for Mighty Oaks helping us get there. We can’t thank you enough for all you guys did for us, and for allowing us to be apart of these events.

From this event, we learned Matthew can snowboard, Dave knows God’s love is real and he’s always blessing us when we need it most.  We will most likely be attending another Winterfest in the future.

The Griffith Family

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