By Steve M. –
Marine Veteran
Judo & BJJ Black Belt
I came into contact with the Mighty Oaks Foundation through a Marine brother and mutual friend of the founder, Chad Robichaux, named Piet Wilhelm.  At that point, Piet had just attended a recent Mighty Oaks Legacy Program at SkyRose Ranch in California and was fired up about what he learned.
Piet was a close friend that knew I was struggling with some similar issues and highly recommended that I speak to Chad.  I was at a point where I was getting desperate to make some changes and when I talked to Chad, I knew Mighty Oaks programs could be something that might help.  Chad referred me to Mr. John Davis and John stepped me through the entire process and made me feel at ease as he took care of everything I needed to attend the next program.
Since I was on the east coast, I was sent to the 5-day pilot Legacy Program at The Wilds in Ohio in September of 2017. I can honestly say that I showed up at this program with a completely closed mind, but I knew deep down inside that I needed help and needed a major change in my life!   

The most important thing that I took away from this program is that we are NOT alone in this fight!

No matter what we are going through, there are guys on the other side that are willing to help us through!  These guys were able to help me cope, while they peeled the mask that we, as veterans, wear every day.  I realized that I didn’t get help before, because I was afraid to ask!
The reason I’m writing this, is so that another Warrior will be encouraged to get to a Mighty Oaks Legacy Program.

I want to afford the same opportunity to struggling veterans that was given to me!

I thank everyone at MOF for helping me become who I am today, so now I feel it’s my turn to give back!  Through my business, Jersey Shore Martial Arts, I do a lot of events and I am in contact with many veterans.  Now, I do my best to educate these veterans on the value of Mighty Oaks and point them to the available resources of the organization.
We all have influence through our workplaces, so I hope when you read this, you can think of creative ways that you too can also promote Mighty Oaks Foundation and their amazing Legacy Programs that help so many Warriors in need!

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