By Jeremy Stalnecker –
Read this excerpt from Jeremy’s newest book due out in April 2018:

What a great motto!  It says that the battalion may believe in the choice between peace and death, but as a company we’re just going to keep moving forward, and we are going to do so because the alternative is death! There is no going back and no stopping. When we don’t know what to do, we will just take the next step.
We complicate life and allow ourselves to become overwhelmed by the trouble it brings, but living really isn’t that difficult.  It is the process of putting one foot in front of the other, one day at a time.  It is understanding that as bad as things may seem now, the alternative to pushing forward is death.  Not death in the physical sense (although that can sometimes be a consequence), but in the relational, emotional, or spiritual sense.
Simply drawing breath does not make one alive. Living takes place when we decide to invest our energy, our time, and our resources in people and purposes outside of our day-to-day survival.  Life happens when we decide, despite history or present circumstances, that we are going to march forward, one deliberate step after another.

Life can be extremely difficult, but the reality is that it is extremely difficult for everyone! So what’s the difference between those who overcome difficulty and those who do not?  The ones who overcome realize that there is no alternative.  They either move beyond the trials and difficulties or resign themselves to simply counting the days until they leave this earth.
Are you simply going through the motions, or are you living a life of meaning and purpose?  Have you allowed your past failures or your current difficult situation to keep you from truly living?  It is time to understand that there are only two choices in life: March or Die. The next step may not be easy, but it is the most important step that you will ever take.

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