By Shannon Morell, MOWP Group Leader

The Mighty Oaks’ Women’s Legacy Program (MOWP) kicked off the first session of 2020 last week in San Miguel, California. A mixture of women veterans and veteran’s spouses made up our 21 attendees who flew in from all over the country to the SkyRose Ranch. Many of the ladies came with the hope of change, some experiencing fear, and a few were just unsure; asking themselves, “What have I gotten myself into?”

Showing up to SkyRose Ranch, these courageous ladies stepped out of their comfort zones and out on faith to take on the challenge of the Women’s Legacy Program which is to “try something new” and “trust the process”. That they did! We spent the week encouraging the ladies through practical topics such as: Her Worth, The Truth About PTSD, Her Home, Her Marriage, Her Mothering, and Her Faith; all from a Biblical Blueprint which set the foundation for each course. Testimonies of healing and faith were shared by facilitators and Mighty Oaks staff who have also been attendees in previous MOWP sessions. The small groups are where we saw the fear start to disappear and the healing start to take place for many. The ladies took this opportunity in smaller settings to share, be vulnerable, and trust the process. All while moving at their own individual pace.

Ladies who reach out to attend Mighty Oaks sessions are wanting to take the steps to move forward but need that extra boost of support and are looking for something different than what they have been doing. The Women’s Program offers that different. This different can be scary and definitely challenges the way these ladies have previously been existing. We find that wanting that different can be easier said than done. To make the healthy changes in their lives the ladies are challenged to do the hard work which makes for an emotionally, mentally, and sometimes spiritually taxing week.

Each session brings about its own personality and this group of ladies set such an amazing foundation for the 2020 sessions. At the start of the week we had strangers who were unsure, and by the second day, laughter and joy could be heard throughout the ranch. Those who came with thick, high walls of protection slowly and surely were letting other ladies in. Many long-lasting connections were made and evident even following the week after the session.

When ladies attend the Mighty Oaks Women’s Program, they get to experience a standard of care which is often not found in other places in our society. That standard is truth in love, safety, a place to just be free to heal, and make lasting connections.

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Our intensive peer-to-peer programs serve as the catalyst to assist our Nation’s Warriors in discovering the answers to the big questions in life, dealing with challenges related to the struggles of daily military life, combat deployments and the symptoms of post-traumatic stress (PTS). Our programs are available at NO COST to our honored service men & women, held at beautiful locations across the US.

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