In the world we live in veterans who come back from war are still fighting on a daily basis. Not with a physical enemy but they are in combat with post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms. Learning to live with this burden can cause a lot of damage in an individuals life. Treating PTSD is a topic that we, as a country, are learning more about on a daily basis. Here at Mighty Oaks, we have found a way to combine spirituality and peer-based therapy to produce one of the most effective recoTreating PTSD through Mighty Oaks Warriors Programsvery programs in the nation.
Symptoms of post-traumatic stress can manifest in many different ways depending on the individual and each unique situation. As a country, we’re starting to understand PTSD a little better, and therefore we can fight against it more effectively. We have devoted our entire mission to helping our combat veterans take control of their lives.
Often there is a heavy focus on the physical and mental fitness of our military; but there is actually a third aspect of overall fitness that isn’t touched on as vocally as it should be. Adding the third aspect of Spiritual fitness is vital to any combat veteran in both combat readiness and in their recovery.
The facts surrounding PTSD are astounding, and the conventional way of treating PTSD is to try different medications and psychotherapy to find what works in allowing the veteran to push through their symptoms. Mighty Oaks takes a different approach, one that ties in spirituality and grace. Through emphasizing peer based discipleship along with a series of proven programs; we are able to build a healthy foundation for those suffering from PTSD. This enables our veterans to find a renewed purpose and mission in life.
We’re proud to say that as an organization we maintain one of the highest rates of success of any recovery program in both preventing divorce and suicide among our veterans. We believe this is directly related to how we approach the issue of treating PTSD at the core, rather than focusing on treating the symptoms of PTSD.

“To restore the brokenhearted through Christ, to build leaders of leaders to rise up from the ashes; they will be called Mighty Oaks of Righteousness.” -Isaiah 61

Spiritually plays an important role here at Mighty Oaks Foundation, in fact, it’s the backbone in everything that we do. Typical treatments for PTSD can work, however combining them with a healthy spiritual lifestyle increases their success rate. There are even some cases where medication is no longer necessary to live the life that God intends for each.
This style of treatment of PTSD is beginning to become more recognized, perhaps due to programs offered by Mighty Oaks and similar organizations. With more mainstream attention, we’ll be able to tackle this issue together, as a nation. That’s why we’re happy to have media contributors such as Kevin Pham, who put together this great article highlighting why spiritually should be considered one of the key ways to tackle PTSD symptoms.
Mighty Oaks founder, Chad Robichaux, had a chance to speak at a United States Marine Cops Boot Camp in California. He was able to speak to over 1,000 recruits about the importance of spirituality in the military. New recruits focus on their mental and physical fitness both before and during boot camp. However, spiritual fitness also plays a vital role in the overall health of a human being. Low spiritual fitness can create a weakness when it comes to being resilient after returning from combat. Mighty Oaks strongly believes that spirituality and spiritual resiliency is the most effective preventative measure in treating PTSD and ptsd symptoms.

Chad’s Thoughts on Treating PTSD with Spirituality

If you or someone you know is struggling with PTSD alone, please take a look at the various programs we offer and keep in mind that there is no cost to warriors for anyone of Mighty Oaks Programs. Together we can work together to save lives, restore families and help change legacies.

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