We are excited and extremely grateful to announce a new partnership with Angel Wings for Veterans. One of the major obstacles that prevent warriors in need from getting help is the lack of resources to get to support. Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs has always made every effort to remove any obstacles or excuses from keeping someone from attending a program. The demand to attend a Legacy Program is very high continues to grow along with the costs incurred to cover attendees to and from the 4 locations offered. Angel Wings for Veterans truly stands behind their mission to ensure that no veteran in need is denied care because of a lack of transportation.

Angel Wings for Veterans’ mission is to remove the barrier to clinical care for Veterans and their families with transportation on the ground and in the air. Whether they seek treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, would benefit from healing retreats, or need to obtain a service dog, Angel Wings for Veterans is here to help our heroes.

With the help of great partners like Angel Wings for Veterans, Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs will be able to continue to provide Hope, Healing, and Restoration to many that are in need.


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It’s through the support of individuals and partners like Angel Wings for Veterans that we can offer our programs at no cost to our Nation’s Warriors. If you’re interested in attending a program, apply online today!


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