By Chad Robichaux –
We had an amazing 2018 and look forward to maintaining that momentum as we step into 2019.
Our goal is to see 750 more Warriors go through our projected 32 programs this year, taking our total alumni to over 3000! 
Additionally, we plan on extending our reach to serve over 130,000 active duty warriors at Military Resiliency Programs on bases across the nation, while we also distributed a cumulative of over 85,000 Mighty Oaks produced books!
Because of donors like YOU, we continue to serve at NO COST to our Warriors and the ripple effect of serving these 750 Warriors in 2019 will be restored hope and purpose for our Warriors, families and the communities they lead in!
As you pray about your support for 2019, understand that any amount you can give this year will help us reach our goal of sponsoring this year’s 750 Warriors at $2500 each, for a total of $1,875,000.
See our recent case statement for all details by clicking here:  Case Statement – 8.5×11 Full Sheet

Thank you for responding to our needs and praying for Mighty Oaks in the future!


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