We are very excited to announce this year’s Warrior Sunday taking place on (insert final  date decision) where churches across America are coming together to honor our military Warriors and to bring attention to the many problems that Warriors today are facing, including a battle with suicide. Over 20 military Warriors take their life each and every day many face issues such as divorce, hopelessness despair and lack of purpose, issues that have become rampant in a military community after 20 years of fighting the war on terror, but we can lock arms together to bring hope and a solution through Christ centered programs, like Mighty Oaks. We’re asking your church to join us on Warrior Sunday this year. Click here to register your church to participate. 


We’d love to have your church get involved and participate in Warrior Sunday. Please fill out the form below and we will send you a kit with everything that you need to hold your own Warrior Sunday service. 


We know that after more than 20 years of conflict around the world our servicemen and women are struggling in some very severe ways.

We’re told that more than 20 veterans a day every hour of every day of the year one of our veterans those who have served our country are making the decision to end their life in the active duty Community.

The number is close to 4 for active-duty service members those who are serving right now making the decision that they Longer want to live we could also then talk about divorce and broken homes children who have to grow up with parents.

So many issues so many problems, but we also know and this is the good news that even though there is a real problem.

There is a real solution here at the mighty Oaks Foundation.

We’ve had the privilege of serving veterans and active-duty service members for a number of years.

We’ve given out more than 150,000 resources to those who are on the other side of this problem talking to them about zillion see and what it means to face difficulty and Trauma in a good way.

We’ve spoken to more than 100,000 individuals through conferences on base and active duty units again speaking about resiliency instilling the principles needed to move forward.

We’ve had more than four thousand Warriors come through one of our week-long trauma focused programs broken on the front end and on the back end having their hope restored their purpose renewed and found a new life in Christ.

There is A problem there’s no question. But there is a bigger solution provided to us by God.

We’re so thankful that we have the opportunity to the work of the Mighty Oaks Foundation to share that solution with others.

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