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Don’t Stuff It!

While we don’t intend to wallow in self-pity, we must recognize how unhealthy it is to stuff grief about loss.  It is far better to recognize reality, grieve loss, and move forward from loss to a brighter future.  In fact, experienced counselors will tell you that “stuffing grief” only prolongs

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A Day To Mourn or Embrace?

Is it “Happy Memorial Day” or do we need to tip-toe around celebrating? Am I supposed to be happy or sad? I know it can be confusing, right?

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Honor The Fallen, Lead The Living

I asked the packed church service in California “Are you a leader?” A few businessmen, city officials, and the pastor held up their hands.  “I’m sorry, maybe some of you didn’t hear the question,” I responded.  “Are you a leader?”  The hands began to raise slowly until every person had signified “yes” to the question.  They got the point:  we are all leaders.  

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Thank You For Your Service – Now Go Away

It is time that we stop paying lip service to the sacrifices of those who have made America great and begin to honor those sacrifices by once again getting out of the way of those unalienable rights of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” To do so is the only path forward. Anything less will crush the very people we seek to protect.

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