Matt served 23 years of combined active and reserve service as a Navy SEAL and retired as a Senior Chief Petty Officer in December 2013. Matt’s walk with Christ began in 1994 when a member of his SEAL platoon was shot and paralyzed in a training accident. As one of the platoon Hospital Corpsmen, Matt was able to save this man’s life, but not his mobility. Matt’s realization of the hazards of the SEAL Team mission, along with the inspiring optimism of his first trauma patient led him to seek a relationship with Christ. Over the years, Matt has been greatly blessed with a wonderful family, and a child whose life is a miracle. Witnessing the way that God has protected his family emboldened Matt to deploy to Iraq with confidence that God would be by his side. He ended up at the center of a far-reaching intelligence operation in Iraq where God once again came through in dramatic fashion to save hundreds of lives and to continue to protect Matt. These experiences have been demonstrative of God’s faithfulness in Matt’s life, and they have enabled him to continue to move forward and share their value with the men he encounters through the Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs.

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