Branden is a medically retired U.S. Marine Staff Sergeant who served as an Infantry Machine Gunner and Infantry Unit Leader during his active duty service. After multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan Branden found himself being assigned to the Wounded Warrior Battalion at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton in California. As a recovering service member at Wounded Warrior Battalion Branden found himself arriving to a Mighty Oaks Men’s Program in December 2013. After graduating and dedicating his life to Christ, he noticed he was not alone in his fight and quickly realized where his new found purpose was needed. In addition to Branden’s role as the National Facilitation Manager with Mighty Oaks, he also serves as an instructor with the Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs. He and his wife have dedicated their lives to reaching back into the dark places to rescue their fellow brothers and sisters in need so that they may experience the same healing in Christ that they and their family experienced.

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