By, Chris Truel

Operation Stand Down 2021, in cooperation with the Detroit VA is complete. Luis, Todd & Jeanette arranged the supplies for this event, and they were very popular with the attendees. One of the men at our outpost, Bob Longlois, is the Assistant Chaplain for the American Legion of Michigan (the state post). Retired US Air Force KC-135 Air Refueler & automotive engineer. Bob gave the morning prayer that day for everyone in attendance.

We had many guests there, some of which we were able to get names, photos, and titles of:

  • Dr./Lt. Rex Briones, a dentist with the Detroit VA, a retired Naval officer, and he’s the one that God used to connect our outpost group this week to this event, hosted by the Detroit VA. Rex’s wife is a Primary Care Physician, also at the Detroit VA. Rex is a very regular attendee at the outpost, and he’s going to attend a legacy program soon.”
  • Matt – (a current US Dept. of Justice Inspector General Special Agent & retired Michigan State Trooper)
  • Kenneth Kirchoff (a retired US Army MP Master Sergeant, also former Air Force MP) will be attending a legacy program soon.
  • Matthew Roberson (current Sergeant with the Canton Township Police & former Army 82nd Airborne)’

This event was wonderful. Speaking to over 115 male & female veterans (as well as a few first responders) sharing the ‘Good News’ to anyone who’d stop to speak. On top of that, we were able to distribute close to 60 Bibles that our host church provided for us (we also brought our own), 175 books written by Chad & Jeremy, a combination of 175 Mighty Oaks Brochures & outpost brochures, and we personally prayed with nearly 30 people because they asked us to.

We plan to return to this event annually as we had a truly successful turnout. With the potential turnout of next year being over 500, I would say this is a great place to return if we are to continue to share God’s word and the work of the Mighty Oaks.

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